Getting a Dog

Last night a lady at work asked me if I knew anyone that wanted a puppy. A 1/2 weenie dog-1/2 chihuahua one. You betcha. Sign me up. We've been thinking about getting BB(10) a dog over here but it hasn't happened for various reasons. A friend in TX had said she wanted to get rid of her dog but changed her mind. Whenever we go to the pound all the dogs there are too big or puppies and we don't know how big they will end up being. We've thought about buying a purebreed dog but couldn't make up our mind on what kind. So this should work nicely. They'll be ready in May. That's when Sylvie(5) is leaving so hopefully the dog will bond with BB and not her.

And I should probably have my chihuahua by my birthday in August. I was looking at pictures of Chi Chi this morning. I can't believe that I let my sister repossess her! Agh. She's so cute. And grouchy.

Stinky dog Tasha will probably never even know about it when the chi lands. I plan on sewing pouches inside all of my shirts to tote her around in. This way Tasha will never know she's not mama's only child. She'll just think I smell different. Or maybe she's smarter than I give her credit for.

I haven't told Sweety yet that I've secured a pup for BB. Probably should do that. I'm not going to tell BB about it til it's time to go pick one out. Just in case the dog gets hit by a bus or something before it births.

Gotta go get the littlest sprog from school.


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