Good Morning to Me

I found this blog www.helookslike.blogspot.com and have spent the last 30 minutes checking it out. It's a site where someone takes photos of people and then makes up stories about them. I do that all the time. It's never occurred to me that someone else does too. Maybe I'm not as weird as I thought.

After delivering Sylvie to her classroom I ran into EW on my way to my car. She commented that she didn't know how I could work nights and still function during the day. That if it was her she'd be all snappish with her kids. I told her it wasn't too bad. What I wanted to say was "Sometimes you just do what you've got to do" She's told Sweety before that we just don't understand how hard her life is with having so many kids and only one income (this was when her husband was alive) Gee, excuse me. How about get a job and some birth control? As I watched her waddle away I was able to use my thoughtbeams to turn the unborn baby into the breech position. Note to self: park in different spot next week to avoid this from occurring again.

Sylvie had a major crash on her bike yesterday. On Thursdays Sweety bowls and the girl next door babysits her. Somehow she fell off her bike and the handle bar scraped up and down on her throat. It looks horrible. I'm glad it didn't cut her damn head off. I hope nobody at the school thinks she's being abused and calls the child protection services. Her kindergarten picture looks horrible too. In the 3 days before the picture she got whacked between the eyes with a wooden porch swing and the dog scratched her from the bottom of her lip all the way down her chin. She looked like someone who'd just been in the boxing ring. She's had 2 broken arms. I was with her for the worst one. The kids were playing tag and her and LB's feet got tangled up. She hit the ground like a ton of bricks. The way it was broken looked like she had 2 elbows. It was awful. It was her thumb-sucking hand that the broken arm was on. She kept trying to use her good arm to push the broken one closer to her face on the way to the hospital so she could suck her thumb. I suggested that she suck the thumb on the hand that wasn't broken but that's when she started to cry and told me it didn't taste as good. Being a former thumb sucker myself, I empathized completely. She is one tough little cookie.

It's all gloomy like it's going to rain today. Hopefully, it will rain tomorrow so we won't have to go to the race.

I love sleep during the day when the sun is hidden! I need to go secure my lair and find my earmuffs to block out the dog sounds.


Bekah said...

Replying to your comment on my site, yes, Prinny travels with me EVERYWHERE. I don't leave my baby girl behind. Pathetic, I know, but she is the best. :-)

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