Odds N Ends

I wish I didn't work. I think the only way I'll be able to justify staying at home is if I boing out a baby. And that ain't happening. Maybe after I accumulate all the "things" I think are needed I can quit and stay at home to polish them.

Had an odd conversation with Sweety last night. No sex for me because of my monthly visitor (who I love to see arrive because that means there are no hitch hikers in my uterus) but a nice round of rough oral sex for him. I kinda like having my period cause it means I'll enjoy doing just that. Afterwards he commented that he was afraid he was fucking my face too hard. Isn't he considerate? I told him I don't think he could do it too hard and if I'm ever actually smothering he'll know it. Then I made the kind of backpedalling motion a cat makes when you're trying to put it in the water to demonstrate how I would express myself in that situation. Basically told him if I was still grabbing his ass he could just keep on keeping on.

The exwife is having a garage sale to scare up some change. BB(10) is very sensitive to the money situation at his mom's and asked if we had anything to contribute to the garage sale. So, being the kind hearted person that I am did donate a few items. All little knick knacky things that she didn't take with her when she moved out. The boys were telling us that their furniture over there got repossessed. And you know how when someone is in the military and they die they get a flag? Well, she let their brother (kid she had with now deceased second husband) play with the flag and he puked on it. Bwwwhaaaahaaa! I am sick and am going to hell I know. I feel bad for any hardships the boys endure when they are at her house but must admit to silent GLEE when hearing about anything that causes that cunt discomfort. I hope the baby on the way is breech. Folded in half breech with her feet tucked by her ears. And I hope the epidural thingy is broken and she has no painkillers. Okay, all I gotta do is go sacrifice a cat and my curse on her will be complete.

On BB's school project he got a grade of 110. Now he's afraid his teacher will enter it in the fair and he'll have to give a speech in front of a bunch of people that he doesn't know. He did a lot of studying for the project. He had to read a book about the plague twice and then he had to take a test that I made up to be sure that the understood what he read. He decided the next time he has a project to do he will do it the first day it is assigned rather than the last.

Gotta go eat lunch at school today with Sylvie(5). And then tomorrow with LB(8). If I go one day and eat with her I damn sure better go the next day and eat with him. Or horrendous rivalry ensues. I think these may be my last school lunches. I'm kinda burned out on them. But if they ask me to go I feel bad if I don't. I know that LB doesn't get a lot of attention at his mom's. And I'm hoping since he knows I will be at the school for lunch with him tomorrow that she will be sure to send him to school. God help everyone if I get up at what is my midnight to eat a school lunch and the kid is not there but home "sick". He faked his way out of school last Friday. Surely she won't fall for it two weeks in a row.

Our new countertops will be installed in the kitchen Monday. Goody goody gumdrops. And there is no school for President's Day. Luckily I have the day off as a vacation day so at least I won't have to be awake all day with Sylvie and the installers and then have to go to work. I'll just stay awake til Sweety gets home and then lock myself in the bedroom. I started locking my door when I nap cause I got tired of waking up to Sylvie poking me with her finger on my forehead because she had some important tattling to do.

Speaking of naps. Think I'll go rub one off and have a nap before my fine culinary experience at the school. I hope it's pizza day.

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