Susy Homemaker

I am sitting here waiting for a beautiful bowl of homemade chicken carrot noodle soup to cool so I can get my belly full and then nap. I managed not to burn this batch. Yay for me.

It has now been devoured and that shit was goooood. Yum. I even shared some with the dog.

I'm dying to get another chihuahua. But first Sweety has to get this big screen t.v. thing. He said he's gonna buy it for his birthday in May. I'll be glad when that gets here. So then I can sit on the couch and watch Desperate Housewives in HDTV and pet my Oy all at the same time. Our new living room furniture rocks. It's made out of the kind of leather used for footballs. It's so soft. It is the nicest furniture either of us has ever had. And the display cabinet for all my crystal things looks great too. One of the neighbors said it looked like something you see in a store where they sell the stuff. Sweety introduced me to world of Swarovski crystal knick knacks and I love them. I'm a big fan of anything shiny, tinfoil, diamonds, broken glass, whatever. I think I was a bird in a past life. My nest was probably the blingy-est on the tree.

Well I see that stinky dog Tasha has curled up for a nap. It must be a sign. There is NOTHING better than a good mattress covered in freshly laundered 600 ct sheets. I love our bed. It was the first purchase we made together and we should've done it much sooner. We'd been sleeping on a little queen sized bed that he had when I moved down here. I had a king size bed but he didn't want to sleep in it because he knew other people had been there. So okay, make me sleep in the same tiny ass bed you slept in with your exwife. Thanks. He still feels bad about that. I didn't tell him how much it pissed me off til after we got the new bed. That was about a year after I moved down here. And the 600 ct thread sheets rule. It's like sleeping in butter. I got some on sale for $100 at Bed, Bath & Beyond and sent them to my Mom and Stepdad. They love them also.

I'm gonna go pretend I'm an ear of corn in my lovely bed.

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