I am full as a tick. We went to Carrabba's for dinner. I love their food. And I'm glad the sprogs palates are advanced enough that they appreciate it too. We ordered 2 adult entrees and split it amongst the 5 of us. They give you a lot of food. Had Pollo Rosa Maria (chicken stuffed w/something in some kinda wine sauce and covered in mushrooms), some good good good chocolate cake for dessert and brought home some of the appetizer. I can eat that in the morning while I'm half asleep and rummaging through the icebox.

Having more than 1 kid around is kinda like having a pack of wolves. Once they get going they just feed off of each others whinyness. All are in bed. Thank you and amen. Sylvie(5) wanted to sleep in the tent. But first I made her pick up the toy room. You woulda thought I had cut off her sucking thumb the way she carried on. Got it picked up enough so that if the house catches fire I won't trip and break my leg on anything while saving her. I love the little turkey.

Sweety is reading the paper in the bathroom with the shower on. I don't know why he does that. He gets on to me for keeping the a/c on but likes to poop and read with the hot water running. I think I'll ask him about it when he gets out. Oh. Toilet flush. I've got 7 minutes while he showers to try and arrange myself to look my most alluring for when he comes out. :)

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