Thursday Yucks

Have to go to work tonight. Ick. Am already dreading it. I hope my new supervisor has a spot for me to sit. After training Tuesday I put all my crap from my old desk in a trash can and lugged it to our new area but there wasn't a desk with my name on it. And she'd already left for home. I don't like living out of a trash can. I am more productive when my things are just right on my desk. OCD at work.

Speaking of OCD - I got one of those pill thingys where you can put a weeks worth of pills in them. I've gotten so effing forgetful that I need it. This way I'll take everything when I'm brushing my teeth. Hmm, what to do if I start forgetting to brush my teeth? For my vitamin right now it's Looney Tunes chewables. I'm out of my own vitamins and somehow we have 3 bottles of kid vitamins. These are the ones that are expiring in 2 months. Quite tasty. Almost like having a dessert. Not.

Cleared up the reading in the bathroom thing with Sweety. It's cold water running, not hot. I'm kinda glad he does it. It give me time to play on the computer or pick my nose and I know he's busy.

Gotta clean the house today. The girl next door watches Sylvie(5) tonight and I can't have her see the house a mess. I'm surprised she even comes over to play. I've been in her house a couple of times. It doesn't look lived in. And it always smells like cinnamon. And their yard! Her dad is ALWAYS outside doing something. And if he can't find anything to do then he'll blow off his already clean driveway. At Christmas he puts up lights that look like just a row of lights like . . . . . . . . And then spends 3 or 4 hours with his ladder going around the edge of the house making sure they are all pointed in the same direction. I decided I didn't like him after I found out he slept with Sweety's previous wives. (he's been married twice. the first time was for 6 months when he was 18) When I first moved here he came over several times to borrow silly shit from the garage. I think he wanted an invite inside cause he never came over when Sweety was home. They don't have any trees in their yard but we have one right on our side of the property line. So when he rakes leaves he'll push them in a big pile just on the other side of the line. I wanted to burn them where he puts them but I was told that wasn't neighborly. It's my side of the yard, right?

I think I'm going to take a tiny nap before exercising and cleaning. I think it's the Korean in me. My Mom naps at weird times. I can eat at any time of the day and then nap afterward. Nothing better than snuggling up with a full belly in a nice soft bed. Good night to me!

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