Stinky Dog

Before I fell asleep I started having some of those crazy thoughts you get right before sleep hits. And I wonder...

Do dogs get boogers? I mean, Tasha makes a lot of noise when she's breathing. Maybe I need to clean in there with a q-tip or something. I clean her ears. And wipe out her immense eye boogers. And squeeze her anal glands. Maybe I should be picking her nose too.

I think when I get her teeth cleaned and she's unconscious I'm gonna ask the vet if we can shave her. Maybe I could get her skin condition cleared up if the soap could get right on her. Or maybe the soap would be too harsh and her skin would burn off. I could put a sweater on her so she doesn't leave oily marks every where while her hair grows back. I wonder if it would itch? Man, my husband would have me committed if he came home to be greeted by a shaved bassett hound.

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