Happy Hump Day

From the title you can't tell what's on my mind for later, can ya? I just realized that is really what we generally do on Wednesday. I'm off on Tuesday's so he usually gets a nice time (or some type of "release") that night but I'm pretty tired from working Monday night so I go all out on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I sent Sweety a copy of the previous post. He hasn't acknowledged it but when I came in from work there was a whole mushroom pizza from Domino's waiting for me in the icebox. Yum. Food is love. I know he got it for me cause he hates mushrooms. Says he just gets grossed out thinking he's eating something that may have been plucked straight out of shit before it was put in the grocery store. Whatever. I'll take my chances.

Got my training last night to learn how to answer the new type of phone calls that I'll be taking. It's less busy in that department so maybe that will ease my stress level.

Went to the doctor yesterday. Got more Paxil. No Xanax. I still have a lot of those and I don't think I need them since the Paxil's kicked in. I don't care if the Paxil is causing the odd dreams. At least my awake life is regular. I really do miss the flying dreams. Hopefully the invisible lions won't return. I'm trying to think of some way to make them into a story.

Got some antibiotics for a sinus infection. Haven't exercised in a week cause whenever I get hot I hack uncontrollably. I peed myself coughing the other day. That was a first. My abs are getting a good workout from the coughing though. I may try to go exercise later this morning. I say this while coughing/gagging and typing.

BB(10) has a project due on the 14th. On the bubonic plague. He has to do a display and a 500 word essay. The essay is gonna kill us. Maybe I'll do the essay and make him do a bloody pinky swear that he'll never tell. (just kidding) Luckily I'm off this Sunday and can help him so Sweety won't have to do so much. I told Sweety to take the small ones on a weekend trip and just leave me and BB(10) at home to work. He thinks I'm joking. I'm not.

Gotta go get some sleep. My eyes are burning. Must find fire extinguisher.

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