Boo Freakin' Who

My mood has been pretty melon-collie for the last day or so. I don't know why. And I do know the correct way to spell "melancholy"; I just like melon-collie better. It makes me think of a border collie with a cantaloupe on it's nose and that thought helps to cheer me. I was only a little melon-collie last night so I was picturing a small melon on Charger's (that's my collie's name) head.

I sat in a new chair at work last night and this morning my back is hurting like it's being bitten by a thousand tiny ants. I don't feel sad right now. Just hurty. Wonderful!

It is raining cats and dogs outside. Rain bands from the lovely Hurricane Wilma. School was cancelled today so I'll get to bond with the boys instead of sleeping. Sweety has to drive a truck today because one of his drivers is on vacation. What really sucks is he has to drive in the direction of the hurricane. But I will stop thinking about that now because that brings to mind images of tractor trailer rigs that have been blown over on their side. I am sure he will be fine. Yes yes.

I hope the storm is long and strong enough that they close our office tonight. I do not want to drive in this crap.

This is Tiny dog dismounting after a rigorous session of humping Stinky's face. She knows that she is doing something that's unkind because whenever I point my camera at her when she's working it, she hops off. Little perv. That's my girl...

Dominant Tiny

And here is poor Stinky trying to will me outside to watch her laze on the sidewalk. She loves to suck up the sun off the concrete but the second I go inside she turns into an insecure furball. I think she's afraid that I'm never coming back or something. I like how her ears prick up when she's all worried.

Please rescue me

It is rare that I refer to the dog's by their "real" names of Tasha and Oy. They're just Stinky and Tiny now. Sometimes I call Oy "STD" for Super Tiny Dog. Sweety has taken to calling them "Ham and Egg". I call them my bitches a lot. I think that Tiny thinks her real name is bitch. The other day she was trotting across the floor and I said "hey bitch, how's it hanging?" and she actually stopped and looked at me. She doesn't do that when I call her Oy. I also call her "OyBean" (a little take on soybean). I should probably stick with one name for Tiny and use it exclusively or else she's never going to learn her name.

I should go lay down. I do hope the electricity stays on!


bekah said...

Does Tiny dog really NEED to know her name? I mean, seriously. It's like you're taking her to agility or obedience trials and knowing her name is required.

I hope Sweety is alright driving today, and I hope that bitch Wilma moves over you quickly (but not quick enough that you have to go to work).

bekah said...

That should read it's NOT like you're taking her to agility or obedience trials.

Son of a bitch. I'm still half asleep (and yet I drove into work. SAFE!).

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope you are surviving the Hurricane okay Chickie. When I saw the news, I thought of you and Sweety! Hope all is better with you than the news is about Florida, here. Take Good Care!

Chickie said...

bekah - Tiny doesn't need to know her name but it would make me feel like she was useful if she knew it. Though I don't know what use it would be - I'd just like knowing that she's put forth the effort to learn it.

oldlady of the hills - Thanks for the thoughts! We did okay. A lot of wind and some electricity flickering but all is back to normal for us now.

Zube Girl said...

I just love the photos of your dogs. They always give me a giggle.

Laying in the dark is fun.

Chickie said...

zube girl - The canines do have some personality.

I'm okay with the power being out as long as it's not hot!