All Is Quiet

It's 9:45 a.m. and I've been up for an hour. In this time I have consumed one soda, a half glass of orange juice and one very tasty sesame seed bagel with cream cheese. There is something in tasty sesame seed bagels that is very sleep inducing. I'm trying to keep my peepers open til Sweety comes inside and then I shall nap.

He's putting bleach on the roof so when the hurricane rains come they will wash the roof for him. Nevermind all the effing bleach that will be running out of the gutters. Mental note to self: Do not stand under house eaves for I will be risking being BLINDED by bleachwater.

They boys had a baseball game yesterday and it went fairly well. They lost by one point but that's better than getting pounded. I sat in the stands and bonded with the exwife. Sweety said it makes him nervous to see us talking; he's afraid I may lose my manners someday and say something tacky. I have too much self control for that. I actually invited her to come to our house with her toddler for Halloween so he could trick or treat with his big brothers. See? I can be kind. The exwife was telling me all about the problems she'd has with her deceased husband's exwife and the problems that she had with her mother. At one point she said "I don't know why I'm telling you all of this." I figure since she's been babysitting for the last few weeks I'm probably the first other grownup that she's been able to talk to so I was the lucky recipient of everything that had been on her mind.

I think Tiny and Stinky dog have figured out that if they stay up long enough on Saturday nights that they'll get to party. Last night on the menu was popcorn, crackers with peanut butter and vodka with Crystal Light (Thank you, Chuck, for that idea!). Tiny dog got a little sauced pretty quickly and passed out. Stinky hung in with us for quite awhile though. I had to pull the lampshade off her head - she's one partying animal.

Sweety is still stomping around on the roof. Hope he doesn't fall off.


Zube Girl said...

Our dog* Zack LOVES beer. He'll take a full unopened beer and bit into it so he can savor it's frothy goodness. But, he gets overserved and always has a hangover the next day because our friends are far too amused by what a lush he is.

*Dude, I just typed 'dog' 'god' three times by accident. Freudian slip?

Chickie said...

zube girl - The Freudian slip just goes to show who runs your house!

Tiny likes to imbibe more than Stinky dog but I have to watch her because I don't want a case of alcohol poisoning on my hands. She'll take and empty beer bottle and try to lick anything out of it for hours.

Bekah said...

Indy and Duce don't drink, but Prinny? Prinny loves alcohol in any form, but she's an angry drunk. She gets violent and bites ANYTHING THAT MOVES. We try to keep her away from the booze for this reason.

Jess said...

Did you like that? Vodka with Crystal Light? That sounds pretty good Ill have to try it. I havent ever let my dog drink but I got a cat drunk once... was funny too

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Is there AA for animals? I pray there is.

Chickie said...

bekah - For some reason, I'm not surprised that Prinny is a lush. She sounds like my kind of girl!

jess - The vodka w/crystal light was quite good. You couldn't even taste the vodka - which could be kind of dangerous :)

old lady of the hills - Maybe I could start a chapter...