Going Outside My Box

I stepped outside of my comfort zone last night. I bought a new cd. While this may not seem like a big deal to you - it is to me. The last time I got any new music from an artist I'd never listened to before it was a couple of months ago and it was Houdini and I got it because I like Anaglyph's blog. (see, if i read your blog and you crank out any music or a book i will be right on the frontlines looking for it. everyone unleash your inner musician/writer and i promise that you will have at least one buyer!) And I was really surprised that I really liked the cd. Prior to that I don't remember when I purchased something from someone that I haven't listened to. So I've been thinking maybe I should expand my music collection. On my way home I got the newest White Stripes cd. At work I was reading some magazine and it said it was good so I thought what the heck. At the worst I will be out 15 bucks but I won't starve because of it. And I like it. Maybe as I age my musical taste is veering away from the country "my wife left me and took my dog" music to something else. I've decided that I will try and get something new more often. I have just found a new country song that I'm a big fan of - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. I think he wrote this song about me.

I also got one of those thingies that you put on your visor to hold cds and I installed it backwards and on the wrong side of the visor. I don't like it. I like being able to see the cd covers. I think that's why I'm such a fan of books - I like seeing them sitting around and knowing immediately what's inside just by looking at the cover.

Sweety has to go to work tomorrow somewhere about 2 hours away. He asked me if I wanted to go but I'd much rather sleep than spend 4 hours in a car and then 6 hours napping on someone's desk. He may guilt me into it though. It is nice going on trips with him. We get to visit. I dunno, the song of my comfy bed and the internet at my disposal my whim.

I guess I'll fight the urge to go do some shots of tequila and get ready for work instead.


bekah said...

WOO! I want to do shots of tequila. But I'm AT work. I guess they'd frown on that.

Dirk the Feeble said...

You're seriously considering devoting 10 hours of your life to going to a job that isn't yours just so you can have a conversation? What kind of crazy shit could you POSSIBLY be talking about to warrant that?

Chuck said...

Haha...You mentioned your Box LOL Wouldn't you rather be inside your box? Okay...sorry...

Thanks for the link to that song...I love it!

Chickie said...

bekah - I think it would be okay if you drank at work. You just get wasted on Monday and tell them that I said it was alright.

armaedes - Sweety is quite an interesting conversationalist. And it's not just conversation - there'd be 4 hours that I could devote to oral gratification while he drives :)

chuck - I am the KEEPER of the box so it's kind of old news to me.

Glad you liked the song! It's been in my head all day.