I am really tamping down the urge to get a Sidekick. I was looking at someone's tonight and I WANT ONE! The idea of having a small computer in my purse is quite appealing. I could get a Blackberry thing with the cell phone provider we have but I'd have to clear it through Sweety first. And I don't think he will want to help enable my internet obsession. So I was trying to decide if I should open up my own account and get a Sidekick and just not tell him. He'd probably find out though and then be pissed that I didn't do something under our cell phone plan. It would be $30 a month for just internet service with a Sidekick. That's less than my gym membership. Maybe I will cancel my gym membership and divert the funds elsewhere.


middle aged man said...

busted. doesn't your sweety read your blog? heh. :P

Zube Girl said...

Ha! I thought you meant a sidekick as in a crime-fighting badass partner, and I was like, "Hell yeah, me TOO!" Oops.

I say maybe ask after your both breathless from a round of great F-ing.

He won't be able to say no.

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely love a sidekick or blackberry. Oh my god. I have no real use for them but yeah, I would love one...lol


Bekah said...

Who needs a gym membership when you've got the internet IN YOUR POCKET?!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sounds like a terrific plan to me!
Go For It!!!

Chickie said...

middle aged man - Yeah, he does read so if I decided to get one in secret I would just never mention it here. He's not supposed to question me about things I write. I told him I'd change the URL if that started happening :)

zube girl - You're funny! Don't you know that Tiny dog is my "other" sidekick? We save the world while everyone sleeps!

I've thought of asking him then but I'm afraid he'll think I started sex just to butter him up. Then again, I don't think he cares what my motivation is behind sex.

kat - I also have absolutely no need for one but they are so damn neat! I'd spend my breaktime at work in the bathroom playing with it.

bekah - My thoughts exactly! Isn't it important to exercise my brain also?

oldlady of the hills - When I go for it, I'm gonna tell Sweety that you said to! :)

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