Gotta Get Motivated

The house must be cleaned today. I cannot put it off any longer. This Saturday we're going to Halloween Horror Nights and we'll be staying in Orlando. NeighborGirl is coming over here to watch the canines and our friends kids. So I've got to really clean before she spends the night.

I used to never be a napper on the couch. If I was going to sleep I wanted to be in my bed. Not any more. It has become a Tuesday after dinner ritual for me to snug up on the loveseat with Stinky dog and Tiny dog for a catnap. I nap til Stinky's body weight becomes too uncomfortable. The couch is calling to me now but I'm ignoring it.

I've gotta take some dog clothes back to the store today. I got Tiny a raincoat and some shoes but they're too big. Wearing the coat just freaks her out so I guess I'll just get a big umbrella to carry when I'm walking her in the rain.

Tuesday morning Sweety effed me silly. I think that I'm still dinged out. Ever since then I've had sex on the brain.

Sweety's head is still hurting so he's going to go back to the doctor again today. I wish they'd find out what the heck is wrong.

Gotta go find some breakfast and start cleaning. I swear that I'm not touching the computer again til the house is clean!


Joe Fuel said...

I'm not going to lie to you. I think that a dog wearing clothes is one of the most unnatural looking things in the world.

I'll be praying for your husband though...

scorpy said...

Wow, being effed silly is a good thing, isn't it? Until, of course, it becomes the focus of your every thought and leads to distraction until you can be effed again. Kind of an unending cycle, isn't it? At least for us lucky girls?


I have to admit, I'm with Joe up there. Clothes on dogs just aren't right, unless it's for the explicit purpose of taking pictures and laughing at them.

Mike said...

We put clothes on my Chihuahua all the time. She hates it. We love it. She just looks so freaking silly.

Just found your blog and enjoy it. Starting to think Sweety is one lucky man.

Have fun cleaning.

txsm said...

Shit...I cleaned enough this weekend......have fun in Orlando, my mom is there right now with some old friends from high school! Oh, and I also hope Sweetie finds something out about his head...hey, maybe he is going through menopause!!! LOL!!!!!

bekah said...

Clothing on dogs is HILARIOUS. How else are you supposed to torture them without hurting them? I'm going this weekend to buy Halloween costumes for my pups. That's going to be GREAT.

I need to clean, too. Good luck with that. I hope they find out what's up with Sweety's head sometime soon. Maybe you should have more sex.

Chickie said...

joe fuel - Thank you for the the prayers! If dogs weren't meant to wear clothes then why are they made in dog-size?

scorpy - Effed silly is a vicious cycle. I guess it's better than being addicted to crack though.

mike - Another dog dresser! Thank you! My dog's not crazy about it but she doesn't freak out about it.

Sweety is pretty lucky but I think I'm luckier!

txsm - Menopause for Sweety? I hadn't thought of that. I think he may be pregnant.

bekah - He said he thought he needed more sex to make him feel better. I told him I'm afraid his head will pop though. That's prompted him to get it checked again!

Zube Girl said...

Sending some good noggin vibes to Sweetie~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Having the internet in your house is not conducive WHATSOEVER to cleaning. I understand!

Joe Fuel said...

Chickie, clothes are made in dog size because they know people will buy them...

Chickie said...

zube girl - Thanks for the vibes! I think my house would be much cleaner if the computer died!

joe fuel - What?! Oh no, I thought that my dog NEEDED them. I must reevaluate all that I know.

anaglyph said...

Re: headaches

A little while back I was having very regular headaches that really got me worried. The doctor could find nothing wrong. He suggested I should have some 'micro-manipulation' which I'd never heard of, because he thought I might have put my neck out of whack slightly. I went to a woman who did the manipulation - she barely moved my head around. I went twice, and she totally fixed me. It was bizarre.

Chickie said...

analglyph - Thanks for the info on that. I'll do some snooping and see if I can get him back to the doctor.

Maybe I'll try to manipulate him myself.