Poor Fingers

Cuticle trimmers become a deadly weapon in the hands of the unskilled. At work tonight I decided to treat my gnawed little nubs to a manicure. And with the first swipe of my brand new cuticle trimmer I cut an artery. I didn't realize it til I looked down and saw that I was bleeding like a stuck pig on the keyboard. I put some superglue on it and now the finger is good as new.

It seems like I had some crap to say but fatigue has won the battle.



MollyNormal said...

Hey Chickie - instead of working this week, I've spent the whole week reading all your archives and being very entertained. I can't believe you put super glue on your cut! Didn't it sting like a mother??????

scorpy said...

I do an okay (if sloppy) job on my left hand, but the moment the trimmers are picked up by my left hand, my right hand begins to bleed. I figure it's a Pavlov's-dog response. It always ends up bleeding when I trim with my left, so why wait until I'm actually injured, right?

Bekah said...

In that list of "Ways to know whether or not she's a southern girl," using phrases such as "bleeding like a stuck pig" is right on up there.

Sorry about the finger, but way to go using the superglue!

Chickie said...

mollynormal - I'm always proud to help someone blow off work! The superglue doesn't burn. If you get a cat declawed that's what they use to seal up the claw holes. Sweety cut the hell out of his foot once with lawn clippers and put a bottle on his foot in lieu of an emergency room visit.

scorpy - What a smart right hand you have. It probably hopes to save itself from the actual pain of the cut!

bekah - I squealed like a pig too, when I saw it!

Midwestern City Boy said...

I use the phrase bleed like a stuck pig and I'm from Ohio.

Chickie said...

mcb - And you've introduced me to "pig dog slow". I have begun working that into my vocabulary.