Just Bitching

It seems the boys' had a fantastic time at their stupid effing mother's this weekend! They got to have a 2 day "slumber party" with her new boyfriend and his 2 children. BB(11) said that the other kids (9 & 7) didn't have any discipline and it wasn't the best time.

The EW tells me how guilty she feels that she doesn't spend enough time with the boys and on the weekend they're over there she has her new man come over? I don't see why she can't do that on maybe the other fucking half of the week when she doesn't have the boys. This guy's not even divorced yet. I hope his wife kicks the EW's ass. Hmm, maybe when I see her at the school today picking up her kids I could poke the hornet's nest. Probably not though.

The boys were rather unexcited to be going to their mom's this weekend because they knew that they were going to a car show with her and whatshisname. I can only imagine their glee when they found out they'd be getting to sleep on the floor with his two children. LB(9) had a confrontation with his youngest son(7) because the kid kept grabbing things out of his hand.

As much of a shock it was for the boys I wonder what his 2 kids think about the whole thing. I mean, here they are - used to being the only 2 kids in the house and they're dealing with their parents getting divorced and now they get to go to a house where 4 other kids live.

I'm back to wanting to scrub the EW's face off on the sidewalk.

I knew they must have had a crappy weekend because when I got home last night BB(11) was quizzing me about my day at work and weekend. They usually do that when they've had a sucky time and want to talk about it.


Sweety and I were at odds over how to discipline Tiny dog last night. And this made Sweety start thinking about how much we have in common. (that would be NOTHING) Geez man, we're getting along just fine. Let's not make a problem where there isn't one.

I'm just feeling way too grouchy this morning.


Sasha said...

just torch the bitch's house.

kidding!!! :)

seriously some people will really just piss the fuck out of you, and you can only do so much to keep yourself from wringing their neck. patience is a virtue honey! (and i know you're virtuous... aren't you? heehee)

Bekah said...

Sounds like you're in need of some caffeine. (Or some tequila, you decide).

Chickie said...

Sasha - Fuck patience in the ass with a brick. I'm tired of being patient. I'm ready for some instant gratification!

Too bad I am afraid of fire...

Bekah - I think I need a pot of macaroni and cheese.

Zube Girl said...

Chickie- You know, I have to commend you because it is so cool to see how much you care for the boys.

And EW sucks! I can't believe she did that to them with their birthdays and all.

BO Snagley said...

Dog disipline sounds too kinky for me. does it involved leather jump suits with four legs.

Chickie said...

Zube Girl - When we got married I told Sweety I'd married the boys too. They are such good kids and it just pisses me off that their mother doesn't look past her nose.

Bo Snagley - No leather jump suits. When you're dealing with something that has fur you have to think beyond leather. Me and Tiny have a lot of fun with mashed potatoes.

Ryann said...

thankfully the boys have you and sweetie to love and respect them.

... and some people are just stupid

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The EW sounds like the most self involved woman on the planet!!! It's really wonderful that those boys have you and Sweetie...and especially you, because they certainly don't have a good mother-figure, let alone 'Mother' in the EW!!! I feel for those boys...and I think it's WONDERFUL that you do too!
I'm having evil thoughts about that EW!!!

Chickie said...

Ryann Rain - The expresso of stupid.

OOLOTH - Maybe with your evil thoughts combined with my evil thoughts we'll be able to do some damage. I'll keep you updated.

Sasha said...

hey chickie, girl, i like the blog upgrade :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

EW is WAY too self absorbed. It’s a good thing that you're around. That way the boys have a real adult female in their lives. Maybe she'll grow up but I doubt it.

BTW: I like the new look of your blog.

Chickie said...

MCB - For awhile I'd tell Sweety that maybe she'd change for the better but he pointed out this is how she's been her whole life and she's gotten along just fine.

Sasha & MCB - The white blog background was giving me snow blindness yesterday!