WWJD or Who Wants Jack Daniels?

After work last night we viewed Saw II. It was alright. I like everything in a movie to work out the way I want it to in the end and it didn't happen in this one. Afterwards we went to a little bar where they do karaoke on Friday nights. We don't sing but we do like to observe. I was observed drinking 9 double Jack and Cokes in 2 hours. This morning I felt to crappy to swipe Oy away from my face. I actually let her lick my eyeballs. It was kind of soothing. After puking all of my movie popcorn all over the bathroom last night and hurling repeatedly in the shower this morning, I have crossed Mr. Jack Daniels off my list of things to do.

We were in bed the other night and a little bit of air escaped from my butt. (it was NOT a fart) Sweety was absolutely delighted. During our 4.5 years of knowing each other I've managed to keep that sort of thing private. He pleaded with me to do it again but I refused. He is disgusting yet so cute.

BB(11) has been asking for an iPod for a couple of years now. The EW called Sweety a few weeks ago and asked him if she bought him one would we download the music. Sweety (knowing that these little devices cost an arm and a leg) told her we'd buy it and she could get him some other things. So we ordered an iPod Nano with BB's initials engraved on it and realized that we can't use Napster with it. We're sending it back and are going to get him a different kind of mp3 player. Luckily, BB doesn't know that there was ever an iPod in the house for him so he doesn't know what he's missing. It sure is a neat looking little thing though.

This was the first Saturday in weeks that we didn't have a baseball game to attend. I am so glad that baseball season is over! For the last game last Saturday the coach let some of the kids who usually play outfield come infield and pitch. We were playing a team who hadn't won one game during the season and they stomped us good once we put in some of the new pitchers. LB(9) was pitching and throwing all these wild balls and the other team was stealing bases and getting runs. The other teams spectators start chanting and stomping on the bleachers; LB gets all freaked out and starts to cry on the pitcher's mound. I am so glad that baseball season is over! Thank you and amen.

Oy loves her new purse! Thank you!! :)
New purse

She was playing quietly with it. And Stinky got jealous enough to thump Tiny's head.


KyuBall said...

No offense, but when Oy wears the purse like that...it looks like a doggie goiter. Ewweeh!

Mixed drinks taste too much like candy for me and usually I end up in a similar situation as you did. Only without the licked eyeballs. Well...there was that one night in Waikiki...never mind.

Chickie said...

Ew, a doggie goiter. I do see it now...

Nothing wrong with a little eyeball lick every now and then.

Chickie said...

Ew, a doggie goiter. I do see it now...

Nothing wrong with a little eyeball lick every now and then.

The Recovering Straight Girl said...

I once had a thing with Jack Daniels, it also ended badly.
He can't be trusted.

bekah said...

Why in the hell do you suck your farts back up?! Damn, Mark and I have competitions!

And goiter or not, Oy is still fucking adorable. Glad she likes her purse!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oy is one darling Doggie! As always Chickie, you gave me a good laugh! Farts or no...just what was that little bit of air that escaped...a sigh? (lol)

MollyNormal said...

9 Jack and Cokes???? JEEBUS girl! It's a wonder you were able to even get out of bed to type this entry!

Sasha said...

i've wanted one of those ipod nano things too. it costs a fortune out here though..

oh, and SHE with the purse is oh-so-cute!!

Chickie said...

RSG - Jack Daniels is one sneaky bastard. I think we've ended our decade long affair.

Bekah - I don't suck them back up unless I can't go anywhere to let is loose. I couldn't partake in a contest with Sweety (or anyone, for that matter) for all the tea in China.
Oy is getting more spoiled by the moment!

OOLOTH - I think you are right - it WAS a sigh!

Mollynormal - I think I puked my toenails up. I was in bed pretty much til about 3 pm or so.

Sasha - The iPod thing is neat but it just costs too much to download the music that BB would be listening to.

Tiny dog thanks you!

Zube Girl said...

I heard Saw II was just gross. Was it good? To be honest, I kind of didn't like the first one.

Love the pooch purse!

Chickie said...

Zube Girl - It was okay. I could've lived if I'd waited for it come out on DVD.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Both The Boy and The Girl have Rio Carbon 5 MP3 players and we been very pleased with them. We buy WMAs online and download them. We can also play MP3s ripped from CDs (and elsewhere) whenever too.