MeMe & a Post! Wooooo hooooo!

Layman gave me cooties. And now I have a meme to do.

My Favorite Books (I limited this to the ones I have that I felt like taking a picture of)

Some of my favorites

Oddkins by Dean Koontz - Great story, great pictures. It's no longer in print; this is a first edition that I like to pet when I'm at home alone. Nobody else is allowed to touch it.

The Talisman by Stephen King - I love love love this book. I bet I've read it 20 times. This edition is a used first edition but in decent shape. I have a paperback that I read when I'm in the mood for it.

Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs - Just a good read. It's about the horribly dysfunctional childhood of the author. It's shockingly awful but he's written it funny as hell. This had been read a few times too.

Blood by Mark Ryden - This is a miniature exhibition book of some of his painting. I love his stuff. This is another one of those things that I like to pet when I'm alone.

Sweety and the boys are at a football game watching the Indianapolis Colts kick the Jacksonville Jaguars ass. I am glad. The Colts team is BB's favorite and going to see this game is part of their Christmas present. Sweety asked me if I wanted to go but since (a) I was supposed to be working today and (b) I don't give a rat's left nut about football - I declined. And I ended up staying home today to fight a cold. At least I have the house to myself.

Have you ever just been in a funk and not wanted to do ANYTHING? I've been in one for about the last 3 months. I pulled my fake nails off awhile back and have been enjoying nibbling on them, haven't painted my toes is forever and a day and I've been wearing a ponytail pretty much nonstop. Well, all that changed yesterday. Sweety's noticed that I haven't been as touchy feely with him as usual (that's because I'd rather gnaw on my fingers than use them to pet him) and yesterday he caught me nibbling on my nails and asked to see my hands. I refused to let him see. They were that bad. I mentioned to him that I was going to get my eyebrows done and when he realized that was the same place that puts on fake nails he gave me some money and told me to come home prettied up. He also said to have the place call him for more funds if he didn't send enough. (Isn't he sweet?)

And wow do my monkey-hands looks so much more civilized with fingernails on them. Before they looked like they belonged on someone in a third world country who was mining for diamonds with their bare hands and today they are nice and neat. While I was out I also got a haircut. And I came home and painted my toes a nice purpley-pink color with glitter on top, very festive. I wish I had a little oriental girl hidden in my closet that I could drag out to pretty me up so I wouldn't have to go anywhere.

I feel cuter today than I did yesterday.

The downside to having fingernails: without them I fed my stress by chewing on them and with them I can search for any tiny spot on my body that I think is unsmooth and try to pick it off. I should just tape my pretty hands to my ass so I can't maim myself.

Let me show you what that little turd, Tiny dog has been up to. Here she is acting all dignified, like she is so above eating god knows what while she hides under the couch. But we all know the truth.

I had to go to the store this morning to replace Sweety's stash of cashews. You just can't leave an open can of nuts in this house. They call to me. I must eat them to make the voices stop. I contemplated eating some of the new can and putting them in the pantry so he doesn't know that I polished off his old can but that seems counter productive to weight loss.

The EW was kind enough to not take the boys to see The Chronicles of Narnia. I am glad. She'd mentioned to Sweety that's what they were going to go see but the boys called him on the way to the movie and they were going to watch something else. Good goody. I can't wait to see it this Wednesday. I'm glad we got the first book (The Magician's Nephew) read so they kind of have some background on the world of Narnia.

Sweety is on his way home from the football game. I have about 2 hours to tidy up the pad.


startingnew said...

Just came back from taking my 12 year old from seeing The Chronicles of Narnia... his comment was better than the book.. I thought it was pretty good too

anne arkham said...

I love 'Running With Scissors". It makes me feel normal.

Sasha said...

ok, no one discusses the movie until i've finished off the book!!! :)

you know, i love reading, myself. i think i'll check out those titles you just mentioned.

Lisa said...

Awww, sweetie really is a sweetie. I needs to get me a man like that, who pays for my manicures and what's more, encourages me to get them! Hey, he doesn't have a single brother or anything does he?

Midwestern City Boy said...

Sweety makes the rest of us look bad. He probably remembers your birthday and your anniversary too.

If California Girl reads this post I'll probably have to get her a Christmas present.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sweety is one terrific man...!

And what was all that stuff under the couch with Tiny Dog? She is the cutest little critter I have ever seen...

Glad your nails are prettied up again...and I am happy to hear that the EW did NOT take the boys to Narnia...Do you suppose she got all the messages everyone was sending her and couldn't take the heat??? (lol) Group Prayer id very very powerful.

Chickie said...

Startingnew - I'm glad to hear that. Usually the movie's not as good.

Anne Arkham - Sweety said that it was very similar to his own childhood except he didn't dress in his mother's clothes.

Sasha - They're all good reads. And I won't speak of the movie in any way to spoil the book for you!

Lisa - I got lucky with him. Unfortunately he is the only boychild in his family. But if an illegitimate brother ever pops up, I'll let you know.

MCB - Sweety has a freaky good memory. He can tell you what we had to eat every time we've went out alone.

OOLOTH - Under the couch with Tiny is an assortment of pencils, pine needles, paper fluff and other unidentified things. I'll yank the big stuff away from her but remnants remain.

I think the EW did feel all of the thoughtbeams. I am glad.

Zube Girl said...

That picture of Tiny eating something is SO freaky looking. It's the eyes.

I also love nuts. I've stopped buying peanuts because I pretty much ravish them until they're gone.

Chickie said...

Zube Girl - Doesn't she look like she'd eat your heart right out of the chest?

We can't have any kind of nuts in the house. I love them so. My favorite is frozen walnuts sprinkled with salt.

L said...

that dog is too funny!

Chickie said...

L - It alternates between being funny and being frustrating. It's hard to scrape a dog out from underneath the sofa sometimes.