Good Morning

It's too effing early to be up on Saturday. But here I sit. Sweety threatened to tickle me if I didn't get out of bed so that got my ass moving. I hate being tickled. It hurts. I like to laugh on my own terms not because someone is poking the hell out of my ribs.

Tiny dog damn near broke her neck last night. I'd opened the sliding glass doors to get to their food bowl and Sweety closed it. Tiny was still on the porch and she didn't know it was closed. You have to step up one step to get in the house from the porch and she does this stretched out like a gazelle leaping thing to jump steps. She was in the full-on jump and smacked right into the glass door. When I heard the crash I thought Sweety had just slammed it really hard. She sneezed a few times and shook her head but seems to be okay this morning. She is sniffing the doorway now before she walks through it.

My new dieting strategy is to not eat so damn much at work. We have a cafeteria and my usual diet lately has been fast food breakfast on my way to work, some kind of marinated vegetable salad at work on my 15 minute break and then fast food dinner on my lunch break and then lots of crap once I get home. The past 2 days (i know 2 days isn't a lot but it is an ETERNITY for someone with NO willpower) I've kept my car from turning in for a greasy breakfast on my way to work and I've had a cup of soup on my 15 minute break and not eaten a ton at lunch. My plan is to wean myself down to the just the soup and a little sandwich while I'm at work and no more fast food.

I burnt the shit out of my tongue with yesterday's soup. It hurt to talk on the phone all day and then when I was brushing my teeth I forgot that my tongue wasn't in the best of shape and brushed it rather vigorously. I saw stars for just a second after that.

Layman was kind enough to smack me with a meme but it's too early for me to do that. It's about books so it shouldn't require too much thinking. I'll get to it sometime after I've brushed the bird's nest out of my hair.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a rough time of year to try to diet, isn't it Chickie? Evey day I think...I'm going to try to not eat this or that or cut back on whatever...Well, it isn't working to well for me! I hope it works better for you!

Poor Tiny dog...It hurts just hearing about it!

bekah said...

Poor Tiny dog!! I'm glad she's alright. Maybe it knocked some sense into her. My mom had to put stickers on her sliding glass window down low so her Pom wouldn't walk into the glass anymore. We think that's what ultimately fucked up Nicky.

Good luck on the cutting down crap. It's so hard.

Chickie said...

OOLOTH - It is an rotten time of year to try and diet but no other time of the year is really any better for me!

Tiny's back to her old self now. She's not even being cautious around the door.

Bekah - I may put some stickers on it if it happens again. Usually it's not a problem but she was outside while it was dark and I think since the house lights were on she couldn't see the glass. It's so dirty with fingerprints that I'm surprised that she didn't see those.

I think there is no hope for Tiny dog to get any sense. She seems to have all she wants.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Poor Tiny. I hope she gets back to her dog toy hoarding self soon. Unfortunately, that's the life of a tiny dog. If she was the size of a small horse, you and Sweety would be falling all over yourselves making sure that the door was open so she didn't crash through the class.

KyuBall said...

I think everyone is feeling the same way for Tiny, but damn that was funny.

You know what really sucks about burning your tongue? You're taste buds are screwed for the next day or so, too. Everything tastes, odd. God I hate that!

Good luck on the diet change.

Chickie said...

MCB - Tiny's definately back to her toy hoarding self. I had to wrestle a half eaten Christmas present bow from her earlier today. Speaking of small horses, I'm trying to talk Sweety into getting some kind of miniature farm animal for outside once we get a fence. I don't know if I will be successful.

Kyuball - I felt bad for her too but I did laugh my ass off.

I can't taste anything. And it kind of irritated where my tongue ring is. I'll try to not gulp my soup down so fast next time.

Thanks for the good luck, I need it. I think I may manage to do it this time.

Zube Girl said...

I HATE when I hurt my tongue. Especially when you bit it once, and then keep biting it because it's swollen.

I eat all. damn. day. at work. I need to stop that.

Glad Tiny is okay. I've walked into sliding doors, too, and it's not fun.

Chickie said...

Zube Girl - Or when you bite the inside of you lip and keep chomping down on it?!

You'd think that since I'm on the phone talking all day that I wouldn't have time to stuff my face. But you'd be wrong.

Have you seen "A Home at the End of the World" with Colin Farrell in it? There's a scene where this guy runs through a glass door. Ghastly.