Oh crap.

Stinky's snack

This is the ornament that I just fished out of Stinky dog's mouth. See that little broken bit on top? I don't know if it's slicing up her guts right now or if it was already broken. I thought about taking her to the animal hospital but she seems just fine. How long would I need to wait to be sure that she's not suffering any ill side effects? 3 days? This is more proof that Tiny dog is a bad influence on her. Stinky has never even sniffed at the tree before this year.

I met a friend for lunch and then we did a bit of shopping. We rode together in her car and that was a good thing because she gets to park in the handicap spots. My feet are killing me though from all the walking that we did. I guess I shouldn't complain about my feet though when my dog may be having her stomach lining sawed through by bits of broken glass.

Update: The animal hospital says that it will probably pass through her system. Whew.


jon said...

Seems like it could cause a little discomfort coming out the other end. YIKES!

Midwestern City Boy said...

It's going to take more than a few tiny bits of glass to keep Stinky dog down. But she is picking up some bad habits from Tiny. Next thing you know she'll be eating walls. Do you still have the stuff that you used to discourage Tiny Dog from eating the wall? Maybe you should put some around the Christmas tree.

startingnew said...

keep an eye on her mess, as long as its not bloody should be ok, will probably get trapped inside the food she digests..

Zube Girl said...

Good to know the hospital said to wait it out. I agree with startingnew.

Lord. I can't believe I got all of my shopping done in one evening!

Chickie said...

Jon - That's what I'm afraid of. So far, she's acting okay.

MCB - The tree has been maced. Hopefully this will keep the canines out of it.

Startingnew - I'm gonna keep her stuffed full of food for the next couple of days to give any glass some extra cushion on it's way out.

Zube Girl - I'm glad too that the hospital said to wait. I figured they were going to tell me to haul her in for an xray or something.

All your shopping done in one day?! You go, girl!

Mike said...

My dog is constantly chewing on things she finds on the floor. I don't blame you for being concerned. Good to know all will be well.