What to do....

Hmmm. Sweety left for his trip this morning and will be back on Sunday. And while it was nice to go check out HNT photos without any interruption - it stinks to be home alone.

Have you ever had to talk to someone who's voice was like salt sprinkled on your last nerve? Those people need to be debarked.

I'm sleepy but don't want to go to bed because I'll have to go to work when I wake up.

The printer is jammed and I'm just leaving it because I'd have to turn on the light to fix it. Didn't really need to print anything anyway.

Have I mentioned my distate for forwarded emails? Consider it mentioned.

Procrastination is my middle name. Our Christmas cards are still waiting patiently in the box for me to address and mail them. They boys' thank you notes from their birthdays 3 weeks ago need stamps. Tiny dog Oy even has a fucking thank you note that's been rattling around in my ride while waiting for a stamp. I usually mail out my Christmas cards too close to Christmas so everyone gets them afterwards. I think that helps the holiday last longer for everyone.

If it's the last thing I do, I will get all my shit mailed this Saturday that needs to go out.

I think Sweety took all my creativity with him. Crapola.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Your poor lonely woman...Sooo sorry that Sweety went away and left and you went with him, in spirit! So...if I were you, I would lay back and enjoy your trip with him...

And by the way, I dislike Forwarded E-Mails intensely, especially when it is soooo easy to copy and paste...It's just laziness on certain people's part, don't you think? And who wants all those addresses of people you don't know and whom you probably couldn't stand if you did know them..(I sound downright ornery tonight!!!)
Anyway, dear Chickie...I hope you don't pine away too much for your wonderful Sweety....When does he return? I know, not soon enough! (lol)

Anonymous said...

Are your toes still as sparkly as yesterday?

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to go to the post office since October. I've got crap piled up. . .

Sasha said...

"Have I mentioned my distate for forwarded emails?" ~ i hear ya on this one.

"Procrastination is my middle name." ~ why, we must be sisters or something! are you sure you're half korean? maybe you have Filipino blood in you, let's check the lineage again. :)

Zube said...

My Christmas cards are still in the box, too.

Anonymous said...

We don't really start Christmas preparations until Christmas break. So this weekend and next week are the super-busy ones for California Girl and me. You're light years ahead of where are.

KyuBall said...

You can't truly be a procrastinator, you actually *have* the Christmas cards ready for mailing. I've been *thinking* about sending out Christmas cards for the last 8 years...I know where all the addresses are...I've got cards that I bought 8 years ago.

It's that filling them out and mailing them thing that keeps stopping me. There is always something easier to do...like sitting here and watching you repeately send a defensless egg to it's demise on your Flicker avatar.

Anonymous said...

I hate fwd mails too and chain letters and crap like that. I'm bored to death and tired. Feh.

Have a good weekend. :)


Chickie said...

OOLOTH - I guess I'll live til he gets home. He's only had to go away twice since we've been married and both times I went to my sister's house. But since she's no longer here I have to suck it up and stay at home alone.

Neil - Even more so, I put another clear coat on today.

Anne Arkham - Since October? Whoa. I don't feel like such a slacker now. Thanks! :)

Zube Girl - One year I addressed them but didn't mail them. So I sent them out the next year.

MCB - Usually I'm out on Christmas Eve getting things. It's a pain to have family that I mail stuff to. They sometimes get their gifts in January.

Kyuball - The cards aren't mail ready. Just in the box. I have 2 boxes that I've bought the last 2 years but haven't opened them up yet.

If you think watching eggs die is fun then you should try tossing some yourself.

Kat - I'm on the same bus that you are tonight!

Chickie said...

Sasha - Maybe it's an oriental thing. Can you sleep 15 hours out of the day too?