Setting: On the couch. I'm zooming around on the internet with the aid of Sasha - Sweety is tormenting Tiny dog.

Me: I know the laptop has a card reader. I'd like to put my digital camera card in but I'm afraid I'll break it.

Him: Good grief. You're not gonna break anything. Just stick it in there. It's kind of like eating pussy for the first time. You don't have a guide book; you've just gotta get in there and :insert slurping sound here and Sweety shaking his head wildly like a rabid dog:

Me: That was just the motivation I needed.

I will be brave and puke some photos up tomorrow using the laptop.


MollyNormal said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sweety is a smartass and definitely needs to start his own blog.

Hope your knees are feeling better!! And stop worrying about breaking Sasha - don't you have a warranty???

Sasha said...

find me here:


please update your links, thanks!

txsm said...

Gotta love those men and their explainations!!!!

anne arkham said...

I'll remember that the first time I um, use a cardreader.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...


LOVE THIS CONVERSATION..and Can't wait to see the slurpy photo's from your camera on Sasha!

Chickie said...

Mollynormal - Yeah, there's a warranty. But if I have to use it then I'd have to uh, go somewhere, and talk to strangers. I'll just be supercareful so maybe I won't have to do that.

Sashaa - Oh good!

TXSM - His mind is pretty much wired in one direction!

Anne Arkham - Make sure you don't fling spit or you'll mess up the reader.

OOLOTH - Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough with the camera to capture Sweety's explanation. His face would've probably been all blurry in a photo anyway!