My knees are crap. Especially the left one. On Sunday I spent many hours sitting in an odd position (tapping away on laptop Sasha) and when I stretched my legs, my knees hurt like hell. Lefty is still sore. It felt like I needed to wiggle my kneecap so I did that manually yesterday and heard a loud popping sound and then my knee really screamed at me. When I walk I'm not putting much weight on that foot. Just kinda flinging my leg in front of me. Gimpy Anna, that's me. I've never injured myself doing anything so I will contribute this to getting old. There's a bottle of champagne in the icebox. Wonder if that would make it feel better?

The boys are at their Mom's today and they go back to school tomorrow. It's so nice to have the house to myself without any background noise.

I just realized I hit my one year "blogiversary" on January 1. Woo hoo, go me! If my blog were a baby it would be walking and talking!

We've put in all of our vacation bids at work and I pretty much got everything I wanted. Since this is my 5th year with the company I get three weeks of vacation instead of two! And 16 personal hours! Now if I could just get a 30 hour schedule instead of 40, I'd be set. People in hell want ice water too though.

We also have a new supervisor at work. I think this is my 7th supervisor since I've been there. Also the youngest. I think she's 22 and looks to be blond and perky. She doesn't squeak when she talks so I have nothing to complain about.

I'd really love to get some Chinese food today but I've been avoiding the restaurant for the last couple of months. I've only been in there a couple of times. The first time the cashier asked me where I was from and after realizing she wanted my bloodline and not my street address I told her I was Korean and we had a little conversation. The next time I go in she comes around the counter (and in my space bubble) and tells me she needs advice. Apparently she likes someone who is either much younger or much older than her and they're just friends and she doesn't know what to do. I told her that I personally was a big chicken and would probably just drop little hints and see what happened to avoid full on rejection but she didn't like that idea. So I told her she just needed to spill her guts and see what happened. That way, if he liked her it would be out in the open and if he didn't then she'd know that too and could quit wasting her time. She seemed very nervous when I left but she said she was going to go gut spilling. And now I'm afraid to go back to the restaurant because what if she's all heartbroken now? I don't want to hear about that. I wish the place had a drive thru window. Maybe I'll find another Chinese place.


Setting: New Year's Eve. At a restaurant. We've been conversing about our weight loss.

Me: I may start tanning again. I know it's bad for me but I feel better when I look like a walnut.

Him: Heh, you may want to wait on that. Right now it'd kind of be like the exwife tanning when she was pregnant.

Me: So, you're comparing me to your ugly-ass exwife when she was pregnant and grotesquely huge? Thanks motherfucker.

Him: Oh shit. That's not what I meant.

Me: Shut up before I kick you.

Sometimes we pick at each other just a little bit too much. I stuck my elbow in his kidney later when he was asleep so we're even now.


bekah said...

I always try to elbow Mark's kidney hard enough that he pees himself a little. Ahh, marriage is just blissful sometimes. Or pissful. Something like that.

Dirk the Feeble said...

To answer your question, yes, the champagne in your refrigerator will help.

him said...

sometimes we say things and then wish the floor would open up and swallow us hehehe

Chickie said...

Bekah - It's also fun to tickle their nostrils with a doghair while they're asleep.

Armaedes - I will go drink that one up and open it's brother too. I should be good as new soon.

Him - Funny how the floor never opens up when you wish it would though.

Mike said...

Chickie, as I have said on my blog many times before, there is almost nothing that alcohol won't fix. Go for the champagne.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That's crappy about your jnees Chickie..but especially that left one...Knees can be a real PAIN!!!

Perhaps you should wear a disguise so you can go into that Chinese place....(lol)

The Holidays were hard on my eating regime...and a few more pounds have been added to this carcass...is that true for you, too, my dear Chickie?

anne arkham said...

GodDAMN I hate new supervisors. I'm always mean to them. I shouldn't be, but I am.

Chickie said...

Mike - The champagne didn't cure any aches but it did make me nice and sleepy!

OOLOTH - I did think of wearing a ballcap in there but then I felt bad for even thinking that. Maybe I'll just send Sweety up there for me.

The holidays did knock my diet for a loop. I'm getting back with it though!

Anne Arkham - I'm not mean to them. I don't want them to notice me. Being noticed might mean extra work.

Amy said...

Knees... ugh... I notice they get really bad when you have been sitting on the floor for a really long time wrapping presents. I hate that!

Ooooo... sorry about the Chinese food place, but honestly, that is really funny and sounds like the start of a great Seinfeld episode.

Hope you elbowed him really hard because that was SO not cool. ;o)

anne arkham said...

I prefer to strike first. I like to keep them afraid of me. Plus, I have issues with morons telling me what to do.

Of course, I have no job, so nobody should be taking career advice from me.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - Thanks for throwing in that last sentence before I ran off and applied your teachings.

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