Domestic Issues

I don't remember exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon to put me in such a pissy mood. I know I came outside to bond with the family and Sweety made some crack about how I would just stay out for a couple of minutes and then go back in. And I'd actually come outside with the intention of staying out there as long as him and the boys were outside. But when he said that I got annoyed. And then I just didn't really have anything to say so I did go back in. But I told him first I was finished using words on him for the day. Later when I came out I said something to him he remarked on my broken vow of silence so I said something snarky like 'i figure as long as i live with you, i may as well talk to you'. And we made nice-nice but I was still pissed over some things that were said and I was kinda freaked out by some of the things that were floating around in my noggin that I was thinking of saying. Things like "I'm just gonna take the canines and put them in the car and go to Oklahoma".

So before bed I wrote the Words post. When he called to apologize last night he told me that he realized how upset I was after he read that post and he felt bad. At that time I'd already written the previous post about poking out his eye with the microwave so I went back and edited it.

When he got home last night he was being very nice. I got a full body massage using some kind of good smelling oils and then he actually scrubbed me down in the shower. And then we had some fantastic bedroom gymnastics. As we were getting settled in for sleep, Sweety read this post. The conversation went as follows:

Him: Well you motherfucker. Next time we have sex I'm just gonna get mine and then roll away. Talking about braining me with the damn microwave. Why don't you just rig up a shotgun to blow me away? Or maybe put a full paint can above the door to land on me? How about you just douse me in gasoline the next time I'm in the shower and set me on fire?

Me: (I can't speak because I'm laughing to hard. And I'm trying to snicker quietly because I can tell he's really offended.)

Him: I think I'm gonna fix your laptop so it fucking electrocutes you the next time you open it up. You should watch that "Home Alone" movie and get yourself some more ideas.

Me: I did edit the post...

Him: Yeah, but you were thinking of blinding me with my own microwave.

And on that note, we went to sleep. And I slept with one eye open.


Joey Polanski said...

Hmmm ... Mabey it DOES count evn if ya DONT follow thru wit da ambush!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Its good you guys both have a sense of humor so you can laugh about your misunderstandings after you make up. I know that it bothered you but I'm sure Sweety didn't mean anything by his comment. You're both sleeping in the same bed (albeit with one eye open) so it looks like every thing is back to normal.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - No. It doesn't. I checked the rule book.

MCB - Even if we are fussing with each other, it's still interesting to be in the house with him :)

Mike said...

Sleeping with one eye open is a good thing. You could have used the little spat as an excuse to have a second round of make-up sex.

Bekah said...

Marriage is so exciting, isn't it?

nosouthernbelle said...

Do they ever grow up? I think we all think crazy things when we are angry, but that's not something we would ever do. C'mon do you really think you would hurt a pefectly good microwave?

Amy said...

Several years ago I was really, really pissed at hubs and he made a really, really nasty comment as he was going out the side gate from the backyard into the front yard... I threw a small, hand shovel at him and hit him in the back of the head.

And, I really didn't feel all that bad about it. I actually, to this day, I chuckle in a really evil way as I remember the way his head ducked and his shoulders hunched up. He didn't even say a word... just kept right on going out the gate.

Chickie said...

Mike - I'm not really good at make-up sex. When I'm angry I tighten up all over. Hence, no access to the coochie.

Bekah - It's one of the more thrilling rides that I've been on.

Nosouthernbelle - We're planning on throwing the microwave out soon for a new one so it wouldn't have been a very big loss.

Amy - A shovel? Damn. You are a woman after my own heart :)

Michael said...

You two are so cute, in a sick, PULP FICTION, kind of way.

Chickie said...

Michael - Just hearing that said about us makes me get the warm fuzzies.