The Canines

I love how she draaaaags herself out from under the covers.

feb06 004

This was taken on laundry day. That's the only time that Stinky dog Tasha gets to nap with me and Tiny without having some kind of towel underneath her. As you can see, she is ecstatic.

feb06 002


nosouthernbelle said...

Similar rule in our house. No dogs on bed, except laundry day.

bekah said...

I think I'd exchange my soul for Tiny dog.

anne arkham said...

Still coveting that blanket.

Chickie said...

Nosouthernbelle - Laundry day is Stinky dog's favorite day.

Bekah - You can get your own baby with the same DNA as Oy's here. If I were interested, how would you ship your soul?

Anne Arkham - I think this is like my blanket. My Mom bought mine at an Korean grocery store. Any Asian market worth a damn should have some of these blankets on a shelf somewhere. If you ever come to Florida, I will let you use the good blanket.

anne arkham said...


bekah said...

Not sure how I'd ship my soul. I'm guess I'd send it UPS overnight so that it doesn't go stale. Maybe I'd put it on ice.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - I don't just share the blanket all willy-nilly, you know?

Bekah - It would be okay if the soul goes stale. We'll probably eat it like beef jerky anyway. I let you know when Tiny dog Oy breaks my last nerve and you can send it my way.