Happy Valentine's Day :)

Ah, there is romance in the air here at Casa de Chickie & Sweety.

Tiny dog's been humping Stinky's head (while licking her eye boogers) all day long. For real, every time I look at them she's getting down on it. Well, sometimes she takes a break and scratches at Stinky's tail until a bunch of hair falls out and then she eats it. After her snack she's back to humping.

Sweety brought me food from the Korean restaurant as a present today and he got a bunch of different kinds of chocolate from me. He also cooked steak and potatoes on the grill. I'm full like a tick. We'll probably get busy later on but there won't be any small children around feeding Sweety snacks.

I hope you all had a lovely day!


Midwestern City Boy said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sweety.

You have to take a picture of Tiny's antics one of these days.

Chickie said...

MCB - And to you too :)

Tiny gets really camera shy when I pull out the camera and she's doing that. I think she knows how ridiculous she looks.

Pusher Robot said...

Have to have the snack feeding, it helps keep the energy level up :)

Chickie said...

Pusher Robot - I prefer to fill him up with some protein before we get started so he doesn't have to take a break :)

anne arkham said...

Nice illustrations.

Zube Girl said...

Okay, animals are seriously funny. And what's even funnier about them, is that they don't do it for our entertainment. They do it, really, for their own.