Just Grumping

I know that there are starving kids in Africa but I'm gonna bitch about our pool progress for a moment...

There will never be a pool in the backyard. I think it's just going to sit as a cement hole forever. The tile and electrical work were done last week and they put the forms up for the deck yesterday. The tile guys forgot to glue down one of the decorative pieces of tile that will be on the pool steps. I'm sure they can fit it back into their schedule to come back out and put that one piece in place. It looks okay except for the fucking fact that they don't have the deck where we wanted it. We don't know yet if we're gonna keep it as it is or have it changed. And you know those little fountain things that spout water out of the pool? You can get them coming out of the floor ABOVE the pool or have them inside the pool just above the water line. When we were deciding things on the pool I was very adamant that I wanted them in the pool not on the floor. My rationalization was "what if a squirrel sticks a nut in there or the kids put pine needles in it and clog it up?" If the thingies are inside the pool, these problems won't even be an issue. Guess where the fucking spouts are? On the ground. The pool guy is coming over tomorrow and I'm going to rip him a new one. I don't care if they have to dig up the whole effing pool and redo it - I want those spouts where I said I wanted them.

Phwew. Glad I got that all out.

My sister called me last week, freaking out, because she'd found out that her husband had lied about some very big things. The first one being that he has a kid. The kid is now grown and he doesn't have anything to do with him/her but he had sworn to her that he didn't have any kids. And secondly about the number/and length of his previous marriages. He'd told her he was married once when he was 18 or 20 and it only lasted a couple of months. She called the courthouse and finds out he was married more than once and the last divorce was finalized in April of last year. She has decided to over look these things and stay with him because he's the only dad that my niece has known. I hope she doesn't drive herself crazy or that he kills her in a jealous rage.

It's very annoying when someone asks for advice and then says they're going to do the exact opposite. Why even bother asking me for my opinion then?


anne arkham said...

The pool guy is coming over tomorrow and I'm going to rip him a new one.

Maybe you should offer him a sandwich.

bekah said...

Why the hell would he lie about all that? That's strange. Makes you wonder what else he's hiding.

Scream your head off at the pool guys. Be sure to stomp your feet, too.

Mike said...

Hit the pool guys in the head with a rock. It worked before, it will work again.

I have a sister similar to what you described. She is always asking for advice and then doing whatever stupid thing she was going to do to begin with. Wonder why she insists on wasting my time like that?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't understand why there is so much incompitence in this world...What didn't these guys understand about what you wanted??? ALL OF IT, I guess! (lol)

Your sisters husband sounds like such a terribe liar..If he lied about these really important things...then what else is he lying about do you suppose? I feel sorry for her that she is going to stay with him...nothing good can come of that!

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - That is a very real possibility.

Bekah & OOLOTH - It does make me wonder what else he's lied about. I pointed that out to me sister but it went in one ear and out the other.

This pool thing has turned out to be a pain in the ass.

Mike - I've moved beyond physical violence. I prefer to inflict mental anguish now.

I think my sister asks for advice because she's hoping I'll say what she wants to hear. And if she doesn't then she'll do what she wants.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Our pool guys were great. The only problem was that they cost an arm, a leg and a small child. The problems are fixable, and they can always give you some money back or toss in some free stuff.

When we had our house built there wasn't room for a linen closet so the put extra cabinets in all of the upstairs bathrooms (at no cost) which actually turned out to be better than a single closet.

Why didn't she do this BEFORE she got married. Your sister needs to cut her loses before its too late. If he can lie about things that are so easy to check (You can do a simple background investigation on the web), what about the things that are harder?

Deb said...

Pool: I hate contractors. They never listen to what you say.

Sisters: I hate family. They never listen to what you say.

Chickie said...

Deb - Maybe I should suggest to my sister that she become a contractor?