Revisiting Last Friday Night

Last Friday after work, I met Sweety and some friends of ours at Chili's (where it's always happy hour! woo hoo!) After staying there for a few hours we came back to our house.

As far as Tiny and Stinky were concerned, it was like Christmas in February. New people means more hands to pet them and more open beers around to thieve from. One thing Tiny has in her favor is not weighing so much that she will wake someone up if she wants to dig around on their person looking for treats.


A few moments after that photo was taken the beer was dislodged and emptied onto the carpet.


Tiny took the spilling as an opportunity to lap up all she could before she was shooed away. You can't see her but she's hiding under that chair just waiting for another chance to hit the bottle again.

That was also the night that I drank the nastiest drink ever. Diet Hawaiian Punch mixed with Tequila. Sweety'd been making our drinks and using vodka but he didn't have enough left for two drinks. I told him to give me mine with tequila and let our company have the vodka. It tasted like socks that had been used to wipe a skunk's butt. It was two great tastes that did not taste great together.

Usually when we go out we do it on a Saturday night. I think I prefer Friday night instead because I can get toasted if I want to and I don't have to get up and go to work the next day. We slept in til about 1 on Saturday and then just slothed around the house all day.


anne arkham said...

Yup. Intervention time.

Chickie said...

I sat her down last night and gave her an ultimatum: AA or the animal shelter. She goes to her first meeting today.

Chickie said...

Or maybe you meant I needed an intervention after willingly drinking Hawiian punch and tequila.

No wonder Tiny dog is such a mess.

anne arkham said...

If anything, Hawaiian Punch and tequila is punishment in and of itself.

Zube Girl said...

Hee. Zack is an alcodogic, too.

Chickie said...

Anne Arkham - You have a good point there. The taste still haunts me.

Zube Girl - "Alcodogic" That will be my one of my new terms to describe Tiny.