Eating too much dinner, having a few drinks, developing a killer backache...

These are the events that cumulated into me puking my guts up on the side of the interstate last night. What made my roadside pitstop especially memorable is that I was standing in an ant bed and now have itchy, polka-dotted feet as a souviner.

Sweety rubbed down my back with some stinky pain reliever last night but my backache is back again today. Surely it will go back to wherever it came from soon.

BB(11) is getting braces day after tomorrow. I'm still agog at over how much that freaking costs. I've told him that once the braces come off that I NEVER want to look at him and not see teeth. He better run around grinning like the village idiot once his teeth are pretty!

The EW wants to be there when his braces are strapped on so I guess we're going to have quite a gathering at the orthodontist's office. Maybe I will bake her a cake since I like her so much.


bekah said...

Mix in some Tiny poo in that cake and make sure she knows you made it especially for her.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ants out here are tiny, but they pack a punch. You wind up with blisters everywhere you have been stung. You may have had the last laugh though - the acid from your stomach may have finished them off.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...LOVE that line about baking the EW a Cake! How about a Humble Pie!!!(LOL). Those ants can really give one a very bad time! I hate that you have such a backache dear Chickie. I can relate....OY!

Bex said...

LOL...my 8 year old gets his next month, and his mother (and I use that term loosely) wanted to get some 2nd opinions from her DENTIST first. Uh-huh...she believes that a dentist can do the same thing as an orthodontist. She doesn't know the difference.

Since she's not paying the bill, I don't know why she cares.

She really doesn't.

Have I told you lately that there is a warrant for her arrest? LMAO...Karma bites ass, huh?

Love ya!

L said...

yikes -- hope you're feeling better

Titus said...

I am happy to note that you have mended your ways and now see it fit to spend more time bonding with the EW.

Chickie said...

Bekah - Actually, I think she has a touch of anorexia now. The boys say her diet is 2 pieces of wheat toast a day and Diet Pepsi. Maybe I'll give her some Tiny poo and tell her it's a weight loss supplement.

The Phosgene Kid - I'm hoping the evil little things died horrible deaths in my juices.

OOLOTH - I think the getting bit by ants was nature's way of paying me back for all the times I've patrolled the yard with ant killer and laughed while I sprinkled it about.

My back is feeling better. I guess I needed a couple of days of not moving around to help it.

Bex - Oh goody! Maybe the lovely lady will go to jail soon! Wouldn't it be nice if you all knew exactly where she was all of the time? :)

L - Unfortunately, the ant bites are getting worse. I'd never had a bug bite on the cuticles of my toenails before. Not pleasant.

Titus - Ha! You know that I'd just be buttering her up to do something truly awful, right?

shannon said...

so, is ew paying for any of BB's braces? if not, then screw her...she's not invited.

Chickie said...

Shannon - She decided that she wasn't going. I'd already decided not to go too. LB(9) and I are going to wait at home and let BB surprise us with his new look.

Her paying? Ha!