I'm Here!

Just been busy sucking all the fun out of the niece's last days here. She left today and I'm so stinking sad. Sleep is definitely what I turn to when I feel bad. She was flying alone and I had to take her to the plane and then wait for it to take off before I could leave the terminal. As soon as she walked up the ramp and was out of sight on the plane I lost it. Bawled my eyes out. And then, I was REALLY sleepy. Like so sleepy that I could have laid down right there for a nap.

Yesterday we (the kiddos & me) went to Wonderworks. We'd never been before and had a pretty good time. We played laser tag and Sylvie and I got our butts kicked by the boys.

Sylvie, BB, LB

See that tunnel around them? It's spinning and all freaky looking because a black light is on. You feel like you're spinning when you walk across the bridge. This was the entrance into the place and it was like pulling teeth to get Sylvie to walk across it because she was sure that we were all going to be flipped off of the bridge. I just love the spaced out look on their faces.

Here's Sylvie on bed of nails. You lie (lay?) down on the bed and then the nails raise up and lift you. She freaked smooth out when the nails came out and tried to get off. The lady running the thing cut it short and we got her off pretty quickly.

One thing that I've decided: Our marriage would not make it if we had kids. I'd probably do what his ExWife did and go nuts about 4 years into it and say "I've gotta go! You take good care of them, okay?". It's a lot of work when there's a kid around all of the time. I am so looking forward to sleeping in past 8 a.m. this Saturday.

I've decided that it's okay to show the sprogs faces in my photos. I'd been blotting out their faces because for awhile Sweety was like "what if the EW finds your blog and is mad that you have pictures of them on it?" I found her MySpace and Yahoo journals the other day and she has no problem showing their faces there, so I figure I can't be chewed out for doing it too. She's such a maroon that she also uses her full-freaking-name as her URL and her late husband's name is easily found also as well as using the boys' real names. She is not very cautious "hi, molesters! i'm widowed and looking for love! these are my 4 beautiful children!" I'm tempted to email her and tell her that it might be a good idea to give herself a bit more anonymity but I'm pretty sure that any suggestion I made wouldn't be welcomed.

Oh, lemme show you what I've resorted to doing with that yapping hound...

Crying Bitch

She'll yip-yip when I'm in the shower and paw at the shower curtain when I'm bathing and I got tired of hearing it the other night. She shut the hell up when I put her on her perch. Does anyone else out there shower with their dog on a regular basis or is it just me? Is this weird? I think since she's small enough to not be in the way in there that it's okay. She doesn't even hardly get wet.


Joey Polanski said...

I kno Id probly be speechless, sittin on that perch.

bekah said...

Mark and I went to Wonderworks before and we LOVED it. It was so much fun and practically empty, so it was way cooler than other Orlando attractions.

And, no, I don't shower regularly with my dog, but I do shower with Prinny and Duce when it's time for their baths. I figure it comforts them to be in the shower with mommy other than just by themsevles.

Tiny looks like she might need a no-stick thing on that perch though.

MollyNormal said...

As long as she doesn't use up all the shampoo, I don't see the harm. LOL

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - I have a feeling that you are never speechless.

Bekah - We got to Wonderworks pretty early and nobody was there so that made it more fun.

I'm going to get Tiny a placemat thingy to sit on. I was aggravated the other night and just plopped her up there.

Mollynormal - She's not big on shampoo but she can kill a body-sponge in less than 15 seconds.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Love That Tiny Dog Oy!!! She is just the cutest! What a great picture Chickie...Sorru your liitle niece has flown back home...and I hope you get some GOOD rest on Saturday...! That Bed Of Nails thing does look kind of scary, especially if you don't know what going to happen.

shannon said...

I LOVE this photo. I adore the fact that Oy can't stand to be away from you for any amount of time. I am smitten with her tiny butt fitting in the tiny corner of your fabulous whirlpool tub (color me jealous of that tub baby!).

Chickie said...

OOLOTH - The niece saw what the bed of nails did but it still freaked her out.

SLEEP and nakedness is on my weekend agenda!

Shannon - It's one of my favorite pictures now!

I'd happily give you the whirlpool tub. I'm not much of a tubber, prefer hot showers instead!

patti_cake said...

Sounds like ya'll had a good time. Sylvie is lucky to have a great aunt like you who loves her so much. Tiny dog is a trip, Reilly hate a bath and water. He would totally freak out of I did that to him LOL

Midwestern City Boy said...

I never shower with anybody or anything except California Girl.