Things That Freak Me Out

French manicured toes
I don't know why but something about seeing toes done like this makes me want to run.

I think if I were to run into one of these it would rip me apart. And laugh crazily while it was gnawing on my kneecap.

Just look at those scary orange-red feet! I've said that I don't like pigeons and would like to kick one - I think it's more that I'm afraid of them and want to kick one just to show them who's bigger. Don't EVER bend over to tie your shoelace around these birds because they will peck your eyes out.


Cissy Strutt said...

I hate pigeons in the city. Once I was eating a sandwich on a bench & one was bugging me. I pushed out my foot towards it - not really a kick, just a movement to say 'get away'. They're supposed to get out of the way, right? This one didn't. I lofted it across the footpath. I got dirty looks from people. But worse - I was wearing open-toed sandals, so I FELT its warm feathery body. ew. At least I didn't have a french-pedicure

patti_cake said...
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patti_cake said...

A pigeon shit on my head in Charleston one time, I have had a hatred of them since.

I can't stand to see those ghetto manicures with the five inch long nails and over decorated. Ick.

Hyenas, never thought of them much. I am afraid of possums though.

Joey Polanski said...

Heres ONE thing ya mite say fer that French pedicure thing: It coud only IMPROVE th look of eithr a hyena or a pidgeon.

Becky said...

My toes have a French Manicure. I think it looks better than nasty ole boring nails.

And I agree with Patti above...I don't know why people have super duper long toe nails. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Chickie said...

Cissy Strutt - Ack! You know that bird was carrying cooties.

Patti_Cake - Have you seen people who have the sculptured acrylic toenails? That is even freakier. I saw some press-on fake toenails in the store the other day. I laughed my ass off.

Joey Polanski - The manicure wouldn't help them. You can't polish a turd.

Bex - I'm not a fan of unpainted toes. To tell you the truth, those toes remind me of the EW and anything that reminds me of her makes me shiver.

Mars said...

I once felt something on my head after stepping out of the car. Once I reached up and felt for what had happened, I discovered I'd been pooped on by a bird of sorts. I went on into work and proceeded to shake hands with people.

The thing with the birds is this: they have scales on their feet. SCALES on their legs. How creepy is that?

for me, the pidgeon thing is this: they don't care... so they're intimidating. They hang around our everyday lives witht he lack of concern vultures display when hanging out 'round a carcass... stupid vultures.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Which foot do you wear the ring on if you are married? Crazy French, first no bathing and now they don’t cut their toenails - eeeeeoooo...

Chickie said...

Mars - Ew, I didn't realize those were scales on birds legs. That makes them even creepier.

The Phosgene Kid - Man, you crack me up :)

Anonymous said...

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