What's Raised My Hackles

Madden NFL 07 was released yesterday. BigBrother has been talking nonstop about this game for the past few weeks. He'd put $5 down on the game to hold it at the toy store when he was at his mom's house and she told him they'd get the game as soon as it came out.

Yesterday BB sends her an email and asks her is she's bought the game yet. Last night, she sent a reply saying that she didn't buy it yet but they definitely would be getting it.

This morning she calls Sweety and asks him to talk to BB about her bad financial situation and to explain to BB that he won't be getting the game at his mom's. She told him all about how she didn't have any money, her car payment is late, her rent is late, she's having to give up her computer and get the cable television turned off.

What the motherfucking fuck?

Isn't it HER job to talk to the boys about HER situation? And why would she send the kid an email saying that she was getting the game when she knew damn good and well that she wasn't? Was she expecting to shit out a gold brick sometime soon?

Sweety (being the master of nonconfrontation) told her that he'd let BB take the money out of his savings account to get the game.

As soon as BB got home from school today (before Sweety could talk to him), he sent her another email saying that they could get the game on Thursday after he gets out of school. This resulted in a voicemail to Sweety's phone from her wanting to know if he'd spoken to BB about not getting the game yet. Sweety didn't call her back and she sent an email to BB saying that his dad was going to talk to him about the game and about taking money out of his savings account here so he can buy the game there.

Sweety took BB on a walk to talk to him about things and do you know what he found out during the walk? BB does not even have a game system at his mom's house! So why is it such a big deal for him to have the game when he doesn't have anything to play it on? Needless to say, BB will not be pulling any money from his savings account to buy anything over there.

It just pisses me off that she asks Sweety to speak to the boys about stuff that she should be talking to them about. And it pisses me off that Sweety doesn't want to raise her ire by telling her how the cow ate the cabbage.


Joey Polanski said...

If shes allowd to shirk her rsponsibility, she will.

Time to talk to her "enabler."

Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

Grr. I want to yell Grr. I want to yell GRRRRR!!! right in her fkn stupid face! Kids are a treasure. Kids are the whole damn future. She has no idea that how she forms these kids now will affect the world. Not just her clouded little bent part of it but the whole damned world. Its like the butterfly effect. If she does something really stupid to damage these kids' brains now they could mess up really damn big years down the road. ARRGGHHH! I must shut up. I could rant about irresponsible parents for DAYS! *sigh* stay strong Chickie - at least they have you.

BathTime Gal said...

What a cow!!!! I agree, she should have come clean with BB, not to mention, if he didn't have a game system, why did she tell him he could have it anyways! She totally amazes me!

Chickie, although they are not your biological kiddos, you are the best thing for them, and they are so lucky to have you in their life, they may not realize that now, but trust me.....they will!

Sending you cyber-hugs!!!!!!!

Bathtime Gal said...

oopsie....that's me that posted above..hee

Midwestern City Boy said...

She is quite a piece of work to say the least. I know that it's hard to not say anything to her but you are doing the best thing.

Thomas Vickers said...

Time for the pickle fork for sure.
One swift poke to the spine and she would be done for.

jedimacfan said...

If it's for the XBOX 360, you don't want this game anyway.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - The enabler and I have had a talk. I guess I'll need to give him a pep talk every so often so he doesn't forget things.

Tragic & Bathtime Gal - Thank you for your comments!

MCB - I'm just hoping that I can continue to keep my mouth shut. It gets harder everytime I have to do it.

Thomas Vickers - I'd like to make her left nostril the fork's point of entry.

JediMacFan - Oh, interesting. I'll pass this on to BB. He doesn't have the xbox 360 but has one on layaway at his mom's. Maybe by the time he gets the game, all the bugs'll be worked out.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Didn’t know cows ate cabbage, interesting. Seems like they are flatulent enough without cabbage, must be the Okie equivalent of “a dingo ate my baby!”

I guess even without the game console the lad could tell his buds he had that game, they wouldn’t have to know he couldn’t play it.

Chickie said...

PK - I think you're right about the game. I bet part of the reason behind getting it was to be one of the first to have it. I forgot about that trait in children.

Cabbage is why cows are so flatulent.

patti_cake said...

Hate to pick on Sweety but he seriously needs to grow a pair where this bitch is concerned. Of course it's easy for ME to say, I don't walk in his shoes or know their history.