I Am Such A Nerd

This heat coupled with the love bugs being thick in the air really sucks. (ha! i used "coupled" in the same sentence as "love bug"!) When picking up LittleBrother from school, I had to keep my mouth shut to keep the nasty little things out. Yech.

I finally finished the game that I've been hiding from LB and passed it on to him today. I know that Sweety was sick of looking over and seeing me playing it. Now he can watch LB play it for the next couple of weeks.

BigBrother has a science project that's due the end of October. We came up with (what we thought) was a great idea: Find out which spoils faster - skim milk or whole milk. His teacher vetoed it though. At first she said she didn't want him to taste it because it might make him sick and when we said "okay, he'll just sniff it." she didn't like that either. She said he might get sick from SNIFFING the bad milk. Huh? I really don't think that's possible. She probably thinks that you can get AIDS from a handshake too.

We're going to be dog-sitting next week! Sweety's sister is going on vacation and we're keeping her bassett hound and chihuahua. Her's are both boys and I'm thinking of taping their weenies down to keep them off of Stinky and Tiny. With vigilant supervision, I am sure that we'll have a nice visit. Her chihuahua is the biggest sissy that I've ever seen. He's afraid of his own shadow. They all came over last night for a test run and he'd sit on the couch but divebomb off the back (slamming into the wall in the process) if anyone twitched. I think we'll be able to get him socialized next week. That or give him a heart attack.

And now I'll reveal something even dorkier than having my OWN dog's blog....

I'm going to make one for them while they're here. I guess Sweety told his sister about Tiny's site and they want me to do one for her dogs while they're here so she can keep up with them.

I'm off to search for templates now!


BO Snagley said...

It is possible to sniff a dog to see if it has gone bad. just not advisable.

Joey Polanski said...

What Bloggr-names will you give em two new dogs?

Might I sugjest "Dive-Bombin Wall-Smackin Sissy Wawa" n "Horny Taped-Weenie"?

patti_cake said...

LMAO at Joey Polanski!
Looking forward to pics & stories about the dogs.
You already know I heart basset hounds (but don't tell Tiny cos' I heart her too)

bekah said...

I love pulling love bugs apart. Does that make me a bad person?

Have fun dog sitting. I expect pictures of the wall-smacking Chihuahua and the taped down weenie.

Chickie said...

Bo Snagley - I can tell just by looking if a dog's gone bad. And I can tell you that mine are both rotten.

Joey Polanski - Those are both fine suggestions. I'll prolly just stick with their regular names though.

Patti_Cake - Joey is quite a riot :)

I won't tell Tiny. She's weirdly possessive about being in the limelight.

Bekah - Pulling them apart doesn't make you bad. Just a pervert.

Oh, photos will be forthcoming!