Of Dogs & Kids

First off - Have you seen the photo that Bekah put up a couple of days ago? Go look! I love it!

I feel so sorry for the neighbor's dog. He's an excited terrier of some sort and the poor little guy is always restrained. They don't have a fenced yard so he gets tied up outside at 6:30 a.m. and comes into the garage to sleep in a crate at night. He gets untied and played with for maybe 30 minutes or so a day. And he barks constantly.

Now, I don't think everyone should be a super-fantastic pet owner like me and dress their dog in darling clothes and let it run the household but I don't think that a dog should always be restrained. What's the point of having a dog then? It's not like he's a guard dog. I may see if he can come over for a playdate with Tiny and Stinky in our yard sometime. It is my secret hope that maybe I can buy him from them at some point. They'll probably let him dry up and die on his rope before that happens though.

Last week, when the cuntofanExWife raised my hackles and Sweety took BigBrother for a walk to talk to him? At the end of the talk, Sweety asked BB if there was anything he could do to make his life better. Do you know what BB said? C'mon, just guess.
"You and mom could get back together."

I tried to not take it personally but for a brief moment after Sweety told me what he said - I wanted to give BB a suckerpunch and say "Thanks a lot, kid!". He'd like for them to be together because he thinks his mother wouldn't be stressed out about money. I'm glad that he didn't say that he wanted it to happen because he hates my guts.

The open house for BB's school was last night and I wasn't able to go because of my pesky job. (It had been planned for Tuesday night but was cancelled due to pesky tropical storm Ernesto.) And I was totally freaked out worrying "oh great, BB is going to see his parents together and start thinking about who knows what!". This whole stepparenting thing can be a real bitch sometimes.

Happy September, Everyone!


Pusher Robot said...

It sucks when they are younger because they don't really see the big picture and they rarely if ever see the stuff that happens "behind the scenes".

I remember many times sitting on the front porch of the house with my wife's children (they were 5 and 3 at the time I started hanging out with them) waiting for their "dad" to pick them up for his weekend with them.

If I only had a $1 for everytime he didn't show and we would have to console 2 crying kids!

He didn't do anything with them and he rarely picked them up like he was supposed to but the days that he did pick them up, all that was forgotten and it was like he was the greatest person on the earth. (It hurts when YOU are the one that spends all the time with them.)

There comes a day, when they see what really was happening (and sometimes still happening) and old enough to understand he's a schmuck!

Sorry such a long comment but I feel for you and just wanted to let you know, there will come a day when their eyes will be opened and things will get better. Keep hangin' on!

patti_cake said...

Ah Chickie I totally feel for you girl but you know what he feels is normal right?
What's really sad is that a kid even has to KNOW about his mother's financial problems.

Thomas Vickers said...

Kids are such funny little things, that is why I prefer dogs.

You should really try and get the dog next door. He would love you forever for rescuing him. Dogs are like that. Even better, he would probably bite his former owners for you.

I bet BB wouldn't bite mom for you, but hey, he is a kid not a dog.

Don't let BB get you down. Someday he will grow up and not be a dirt urchin anymore. Then he will probably figure out what mom is really doing and give you a break.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is sad Chickie and I know it has to be hard on you...poor BB...the EX really burdens those kids with stuff they don't need to be burdned with!

Amy said...

That is so not fair to those poor kids. She can't be much of a mother to have them so completely worried about her like that. I bet they feel guilty for liking/loving you as well.

Sorry you are having such a rough time.

Joey Polanski said...

I sppose tradin th kid fer th dog is outta th question, huh?

Bonanza Jellybean said...

That sucks he said that, but kids just don't get it most of the time. Someday he'll look back (like I do) and say THANK GOD THEY DIDN'T!!

Hang in there..

NeverEZme said...

Well seems everyone is commenting about BB. Not me!!! LOL We have and Old English Female Bulldog pup and she get the run of the house over our two other dogs. My wife is just madly in love with her new pup. Oh! Did I mention she is 40 lbs now and just 6 months old ?!?!

bekah said...

A few things:

1. Are you referring to the picture in which Sweety had volunteered to pose for when my hubby was being a turd?

2. I think all dog owners SHOULD be as fabulous as you. That poor pup.

And, 3. patti_cake is absolutely right - it's so terribly sad that BB knows of his mother's financial woes, and while he's still a child, he's obviously caring and sweet and wants the best for his parents (which is totally normal, and not a slight towards you, even though it feels that way). And yes, he COULD HAVE easily said, "Because I hate Chickie!" but he didn't, because that's not the issue. Poor kid probably has a lot on his mind (and he already seems more mature than his biological mother.)

Good luck.

Chickie said...

Hey, All - Thanks for your input on this! I know that BB still likes me and I know that he just feels this way because he loves his mom but it still gets under my skin. I'm hoping that he doesn't start to dislike me because of everything going on in his world.

Joey Polanski - No trades. I won't take something that's housebroken and trade it for something that isn't.

Neverezme - I couldn't handle 40 pounds of puppy! I'm glad Tiny is tiny.

Bekah - Yes! That photo! The one with him "dead" in the tub! (I just figured out how to have the link go right to that post.)