My foot is in bad shape. I got some new shoes and wore them for the first time on Monday. I had a pair just like them but they'd been worn to pieces so these are duplicates and I wasn't expecting any problems. Whenever I'd walked anywhere that day, it felt like the back of my foot was on fire but I figured it was too far from my head to kill me and just ignored it. When I got into my car Monday night and looked at the damage I realized what a mess it was. The cuff of my pant leg was wet from my foot bleeding onto it. I think the shoe almost severed my Achilles tendon. Now I can't wear shoes that cover my whole foot so tomorrow I'll wear a cute dress with some slingbacks and with my mangled, band-aided foot peeking out.

Something is stuck in Tiny Dog's throat. She's been hacking since yesterday like she needs to yack out a hairball or something. She's eating and drinking okay and I crammed my finger down her throat but didn't find any blockage. For once, I wish she'd just puke and get it over with.

There's some jackass that waits in line to get his kid from school and while waiting he chain smokes and tosses his cigarette butts in the parking lot. He also usually has a toddler sitting in the backseat. I guess if you blow your smoke away from the kid then you aren't contaminating his lungs. He's been getting the evil eye from me for the past month but it's not changing his habit. I am dying to gather the butts and toss them into the back of his nice, shiny, new, 4X4 pickup truck. What I'd really like to do is take one of the fresh ones and stub it out on his truck. I wonder how badly I'd get my ass beaten if I did that? I think I could outrun him.

People that litter with their used cigarettes and people that park their car on the crosswalk are my pet peeves. I need to get busy building a photon death-ray gun.


NeverEZme said...

In Michigan it is against the law to smoke anywhere on school grounds! I also think that they were going to pass a law that forbid anyone to smoke in a car with a young child in it.

Mike said...

I had a similar experience with Carmen a few weeks ago. Actually, it is still going on now, only not as frequent. We took her to the vet because I was worried that she had something in her throat or something. The vet said she was fine, yet she is still yacking like mad. Maybe it is Chihuahua allergy season or something.

Rich | Championable said...

I was once hospitalized from Mickey Mouse shoe-to-foot damage while on psilocybin mushrooms. So, um, I can relate.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Cruel Shoes. Hope you are healing up. Most smokers think the world is their ashtray, but they won’t be using it for long. I’ve seen people dying of emphysema and lung cancer – tain’t a pretty sight.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That heel sounds horrible, dear Chickie...It's always a shock when you get a new pair of shoes just like the old ones and then they attack you!!

I hate that people who smoke and put there cigarettes out on the ground DON'T think that THAT is littering....Or sometimes you see a huge amount in a parking lot and you know someone just dumped their ashtray....again, they don't consider that littering. Nutso Crazo's!

Hope Tiny is okay! Time for The Vet, you think?

jedimacfan said...

Wouldn't it be worse if he smoked toddlers and threw them out the window?

Chickie said...

NeverEZme - I'm pretty sure it's against the law to smoke on school grounds here too.

Mike - Tiny gagged up some pocket lint last night. I think that was the problem.

The Phosgene Kid - I'm all for letting someone smoke and blacken their lungs - just don't do it around your kid. Let the kid get bigger and choose to smoke themselves because they always saw Dad doing it.

OOLOTH - I don't know how the heck I'm going to break them in. Maybe wear them around the house with some of Sweety's socks on.

Oh, I've seen those nasty piles in parking lots. Yech.

Hopefully, Tiny will quit eating strange things so she can avoid a Vet trip!

JediMacFan - Only if the smoked toddlers smelled worse than the cigarettes AND caused cancer.

r.fuel said...

I hate litter, but I hate it more when people smoke in the presence of kids. I'd like to put out the butts in their ear holes.

patti_cake said...

Ooh I am cringing about your foot. Hope it feels better fast.
I can't like stupid smokers....
Hope TinyDog gets whatevers bothering her up soon. I hate that hacking too. It worries the crap out of me!