Personal Injury & Growing Pains

So, this Saturday night while being a bit frisky, I almost broke Sweety's leg. He was laying down and I was doing a position move and sat down on the bed and also squarely on his knee. We heard it crunch. That totally killed the mood. It's still hurting him. Whenever I try to touch him now he cowers down and cries. Eh, he'll get over it. You can replace knees, right? He needs to get himself a nice titanium one.

My little dog is growing up. Here she is about a year ago.
A dainty, well-mannered canine.
Pink Camoflauge

And now.
A wall eating, head humping character.

She's got white, bushy, old-man eyebrows now and a beard. I'm thinking of coloring her hair with a permanent marker. That shirt in the top photo? Gone. She ate it.


Mike said...

Titanium knees are better in the long run and are able to withstand way more friskiness.

My dog is now 6 years old. She has gray hair everywhere & rarely humps her duck anymore. She just lays on the back of the couch and barks at everything that moves.

bekah said...

Duce thinks Tiny is hotter with the white hair.

Amy said...

Awww, Tiny is so cute!!!

Poor Sweetie... well, poor Chickie. ;o)

Thomas Vickers said...

Titanium knees are far superior to the real things.

As long as he blows the old ones out having fun, its all good

patti_cake said...

Hell just have him replace it all with titanium *wink*

Chickie said...

Mike - I'll bet Carmen's duck is happy for the reprieve.

Bekah - Tiny is busy bleaching her hair right now.

Amy - I feel really crappy about it. He told me next time that I decided that I was finished to just hop off and not injure him to end the session.

Thomas Vickers - I don't think it's all good. He's still limping and he didn't get to finish. He's not happy.

Patti_Cake - Ha, too funny!

NeverEZme said...

Sorry but I think I would of ate that shirt also!! hehe. Sorry about sweety though. If that would of happened to me all I can think of would be the interesting stories I could tell at work. LOL

Joey Polanski said...

Can you give us th Xs n Os on that "psition move" you was tryin?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My...you all were being real real "frisky"...Gee, I hope Sweety's knee recovers! If not...well, you know what they do to horses! (just kiddng..)

Tiny is something else....I just love her with all my heart. How could she have white hair already??? I mean, she is so young...isn't she?

Chickie said...

NeverEZme - I guess I just need to accept the fact that Tiny wants to be a nudist.

Joey Polanski - I can't draw that good.

OOLOTH - Sweety did ask to be put down but I refused. I'll injure him but I'm too lazy to shoot him.

It surprised me too that she's got white hair so soon. She'll be 2 years old next January.

Midwestern City Boy said...

There are few things worse than being injured during sex. Guys remember things like that for a long time. I just hope that Sweety isn't that badly wounded. Thats not how you want to blow out your knee.

Is there anything that Tiny doesn't try to eat?