Play Ball!

I drank too much beer last night and woke up in a motel not knowing where I was. The first time I woke up (at about 2 a.m.), I didn't know who Sweety was. I thought to myself "Oh shit. Who's this guy sleeping behind me that I went home with? I'll figure it out when the sun comes up." I only had 4 or 5 beers but that stuff really hit me hard.

This was our view today:

the view

Please excuse the fact that the 3rd base line is crooked. I'm still getting the hang of taking panoramic style photos with my camera. Next time we go to a game, I want to sit in the seats right behind the dugout. I think that would be cool.

There was some monkey sitting right beside us today and he kept beating on the signboard that was hanging in front of us. It didn't seem to concern him that he was whaling the shit out of something that could fall and squash people down below. To alleviate some of my annoyance - I videoed him. You can view that here. We listened to that beating sound for at least half of the ballgame.

I like baseball. Tiny Dog got a souvenir too.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well that is pretty scary, isn't it? I had no idea beer could be so potent!

That guy banging that sign would have driven me nuts!!! (lol) How did you stand it?

Chickie said...

Regarding the beer - I was pretty tired and hadn't eaten a lot. And I was just waking up from a dream where I had went to a party with some friends.

The sign guy did drive me crazy. When our friends left we were able to slide over into their seats so we weren't right on top of him.

bekah said...

Beer is so nasty, it really tears up your system. The sign guy is a ding bat. And, I love Tiny's new hat.

Joey Polanski said...

If ya evr get t sit right bhind th dugout at a ballgame, ya may discovr sompm thatll hit ya lots hardr than a few beers.

But, on th brite side, a foul ball woud make a evn bettr souvenir fer Tiny Dog!

patti_cake said...

Too bad you couldn't whack the guy with the sign since he love it so much...
Tiny is so adorable!

NeverEZme said...

Well besides the dim wit banging on the sign, did you enjoy your game? Tiny dog sure looks good with her hat. I hope the other dog doesn't think she needs a hard hat cause she's a special dog. Sorry I couldn't resist!! I'll be seeing the Tigers play twice this week!!!

Chickie said...

Bekah - I'm pretty sure that any alcohol tears up my system.

Joey Polanski - My reflexes are cat-like! I'm sure that I could snatch a ball outta the air.

Patti_Cake - I wanted to toss him over the rail. Dork. Tiny just loves life!

NeverEZme - The game was pretty good. I don't like to watch sports on t.v. but it's pretty neat in person. Stinky dog is not at all jealous that she doesn't have a hat.

L said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I love that tiny dog photo! awesome

Joey Polanski said...

Yer reflexs are CAT-LIKE?

Are you fergettin th beer?

Chickie said...

L - Thanks! :)

Joey Polanski - Okay, maybe I'm not so cat-like. But I bet I could block the ball with my body.