Being Sneaky

I'm home and the canines don't know it. I've been really quiet and they think I'm Sweety so they aren't going all bonkers to be let out of the bedroom.

Ha! I'm fooling them!

Sweety mentioned the other day that I don't really love my dogs since I sometimes hide from them. I say that we all need a break sometime.

You cannot nick any private areas with a razor and then try to put a bandaid on it. It just looks too ridiculous.

I am so ready for this weekend to get here! It'll be so nice to not go to work on Saturday. I'm planning on staying home and healing the desktop computer. It's been all whacked out for many moons now and I think I accidentally fixed it last night. There is still some slight tweaking to be done. My plan is to get it fixed and give it to the boys. If they do anything to mess it up then that's just too damn bad. Children's little grubby mitts will never touch the laptop keypad ever again! It was just too much of a bitch getting it straightened out the other day.

Something new that I'm going to try this Saturday: Hypnotizing lizards. I read somewhere that you can rub their bellies and they'll get really still and won't run away from you. In the article I read, the girl who did this to the lizards dressed them up in tiny doll clothes once they were immobile. That sounds like fun to me. This is something that I'll need to do at home alone because I can only imagine the look on Sweety's face if he caught me molesting lizards.

Heh, the dogs still don't know that I'm home! I'm going to (very quietly) find some dinner.

But before you go, do me a favor and click on my little photo in the sidebar. Help keep my peep alive!

It's 2 a.m. and the desktop computer is up and running! Yay me!


Titus said...

I take it electric razors don't shave close enough?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Lizard abuse?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Your popularity is soaring!!!! HOORAY FOR YOU!

Okay so how do you catch the Lizard in the first place? I mean you have to catch him in order to rub his belly, yes? Well, it is a funny image...you dressing up the Lizard in all sorts of clothes---Hey, how about putting one of Tiny's shoes on the Lizards tail?

danette said...

Bwahaha - those lizzards must look hillarious :D

Found you via 25peeps - congrats for staying up so long!

Chickie said...

Titus - I'm just old fashioned with some things.

The Phosgene Kid - Nah. Lizards like feeling pretty.

OOLOTH - I haven't figured out how to catch them yet. They are quite fast. I'm want to tame a few and then drape them on Tiny dog as a sort of decoration.

Danette - Thanks for coming by!

Joey Polanski said...

Dollin up hypnotizd lizards ...

...Is that how Steve Irwin got startd?

patti_cake said...

hehe.. fooling the canines. :)
You crack me up. We are so much alike sometimes it's scary.

I might try the lizard thing too... must find appropriate clothing for lizards...

let us know how it goes and how long it took the dogs to find out it was you and not Sweety

Amy said...

Today lizards... tomorrow THE WORLD!!!!

Will we get a lizard fashion show?

BTW... I can totally understand hiding from the dogs. Sometimes, I hide from the kids.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Pretty Lizard? Sounds like a lesbian rock band.

NeverEZme said...

Yea the lizzard thing!!! Saw it on Letterman the other night! If he could do it you can too!!! LOL The little girls father even took pictures of the lizzards all dressed up.

Mike said...

Let me know how that hypnotizing lizards thing goes. I am looking for an army to drive the Mormons out of the valley and well, if lizards work, so be it.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - That is a not widely know, but true, bit of trivia about Steve. I have my sources.

- I'm thinking Polly Pocket clothes for the lizards.

It took the dogs a good 3 hours to figure out what was going on. Then I felt guilty because they were so excited to see me.

Amy - World domination must start somewhere.

Fashion show? If all goes well, of course!

The Phosgene Kid - A lipstick lesbian rock band.

- Aw, I wish I'd have seen that on t.v.! I just read it in the paper. Rats!

- I'll do anything I can to help your cause.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Yeah, lesbians. Gotta love 'em...