A Confession

I have joined the dark side.

I have a MySpace page.

Why do I feel like such a dork? There are gobs of people on there. We can't all be dorks. I had to set up an account to snoop on the site and figured that I may as well make a page too. I'm too freaking picky to be happy with the default layout and had to find a new one and then tweak it some more til I was satisfied. I entered in what high school I graduated from and have already exchanged emails with people that I hadn't seen in over 10 years. It's kind of neat to see how people turned out.

BigBrother and I went on a tiny cruise today. (Sweety's bowling so I borrowed BB from his mom for a few hours.) It wasn't on the high seas but we were floating on water so that makes it a cruise, right? BB had never been on a boat before and he really liked it. We went with a friend of mine's church group and they did some drawing for prizes using our ticket stubs. They asked BB to pick out one of the names and he pulled out his own name and won a picture frame. Someone else drew my name out and I won a candle. We've decided that today is our lucky day and I'm getting a lottery ticket. I hope the streak continues!

Afterwards we went and watched Invincible. A nice, family friendly show. No cursing and no sex - I wasn't embarassed to be sitting next to BB during any of the scenes and that's always a plus!

The dogs that we were babysitting are gone! Yay! No more pissy boy dogs! The experience did show me that Tiny dog would either drop dead from fury or commit suicide if I ever got another little dog. One night I had the other chihuahua on the couch with me and Tiny was going beserk. I've also noticed that if Stinky dog is by me and I'm petting her head, as soon as I'm done, Tiny comes over and humps the hell out of her head. If I'm petting Stinky's back it's the same story. I've created a Tiny dog monster.


Mike said...

Tiny is my hero.

I have tried to navigate MySpace before but I swear it is impossible to figure out. I just don't get it. Obviously another sign that I am too old.

Anonymous said...

I have a myspace as well. Had it about a year now. I log in like once a week or when it says I have messages. I became comulsive and decked it all out purty too...lol


Debra said...

It's not that MySpace is dorky so much as its that MySpace is now officially biger then Google..making most people there a bit.. sheepish?

That said, I've been there about a year and a half and my page is always pretty. I change it fairly often, and am on there every freaking day.

Seems to be the place to be rediscovered by ex-boyfriends and the like... I'm not crazy about that bit at all.

Becky said...

Email me your MySpace address! I have one, too!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Don't you wonder what a comedy wedding cruise is? You must go on one of those evewn if you and Sweety have to renew your vows!!! (lol)

My Space, huh? I'm going to check out your space over at MySpace...!

I love that Tiny Dog...she really never ceases to bring a smile to my face, as do you too, Chickie...Like Mother like dog-child!

bekah said...

Like, OMIGOD, I have a Myspace, too! Like, TOTALLY!

Tiny dog is a monster, but I thought that was what you liked about her?

I hope that when you win your millions in the lottery you don't forget about us small people.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, email me your MySpace address too, dear Chickie...I don't know how to get there without that...Duuuuhh! (lol)

Joey Polanski said...

Hell hath no fury like a chwawa scornd.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I thought My Space was Satan's domain? Too much teen sexual angst going on over there for my taste.

Use the jealousy to your advantage. If we want ‘Strella dog to come over we call Yukon - she runs right over so he can’t get any attention. Sort of double reverse dog psychology!!

NeverEZme said...

Can't get to myspace here at work. They blocked it!!!
Just don't pet hubby's face!!!!! LOL Tiny dog could be introuble!!

Osbasso said...

One of the deep dark secrets is that I have one too! But I've never bothered to do anything with it. I have 3 friends. That's got to be a record, doesn't it?

Chickie said...

Mike - Tiny is certainly hero material. I think she needs a cape...

Kat - I'm glad that I've got my page to suit me so I can leave it alone now! I have enough odd things to kill time with. Like dressing my dog.

Debra - ... now officially bigger then Google..making most people there a bit.. sheepish? You are exactly right! It's because the people that see me there will know me right off the bat and that makes me tone down how I am on that page. It's much more "sunshine and light" than it is on my blog.

Becky - Woo hoo! Another Friend for me!

OOLOTH - I think the wedding cruise is some sort of comedy show. It sounds hokey but I think I'd like to go!

Bekah - I do like Tiny's horrid attitude but sometimes I want her to be nice! Like right now, she's busily trying to rub her ass on my arm while I type. She knows this isn't good because she's looking at me over her shoulder with her little fucked up smile.

Eh, the lottery didn't pan out. I don't even have the option of forgetting about the small people.

Joey Polanski - I think I've heard that somewhere before.

The Phosgene Kid - Hey, I like the idea of the reverse psychology! I'll have to try that.

NeverEZme - I think she's smart enough to stay away from his face but I'm sitting by Sweety she'll come over and ooch between us.

Osbasso - Is one of your 3 friends still that Tom guy?

r.fuel said...

MySpace makes my eyes bleed.

Chickie said...

R. Fuel - Mine too. That's why I'm so shocked that I'm there.