I'm Hungry

Sweety and I have started walking in the evenings. It's a three mile trip and we've done it the past two nights. I hate it. I hate exercising. But, it is nice to have him to myself for a little while without the sounds of children chattering in the background.

I also told him what he did not need to do to encourage me to eat better or be healthier - Don't say a word about anything that I'm fixing to put in my mouth. If I'm going to eat something that I shouldn't be, well, I already know it's a bad idea. That bugs the hell out of me. It makes me want to hide in the bathroom and eat a sack of cheeseburgers.

Despite the trouble we had initially at the YMCA getting the boys signed up for football, it is now done. We went up there yesterday and spoke with them again and they decided to not hold it against the boys that their mom still owes the YMCA money. We also decided to get a family membership there. I'm pretty sure I'll be more inclined to exercise if Sweety drags me up there as opposed to being left to do it on my own. I'm okay with exercising once I start doing it. It's just an almighty trial to actually get dressed and leave the house for it.

I just ran the spell-check and it hung up on "cheeseburgers". Now I want one.

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...That Bitchy Chick said...

Hiding in the bathroom with a sack of cheeseburgers has to beat walking and exercising right?? Ok, maybe not. I'm trying to get into the whole fitness thing as well and its hard but I just keep thinking about the end results. Good luck!! Thanks for commenting and coming over from 25peeps!!