Sometimes All I Can Do Is Laugh

BigBrother is a football fanatic. He's been bugging Sweety about wanting to play football for about the past four years. This year, it was decided that BB and LB would get to play in the fall flag football league. They brought home a flyer about it a few weeks ago and have gotten all revved up and excited about finally getting to play.

To play you have to sign up at the YMCA and today we all trekked up there to get the boys signed up and to pay the initiation fees.

When we got to the Y the guy behind the counter asks the boys what their names are and guess what comes up when he runs their names in the computer? That their cuntofamother owes the YMCA a bit of money and the boys can't play football until her debt is squared away because they were members on her account. BB almost died from embarrassment as the guy explained why they couldn't join. Sweety asked if we could buy a monthly membership to the Y so the boys could join under our membership and play. Someone from the YMCA is supposed to call Sweety next week and let him know.

To put it mildy, the mood was quite a bit more somber leaving the place than it was going to it.

Tiny dog got some snazzy cowboy boots today but she refuses to wear them. Ungrateful bitch.

* no tiny dogs were harmed during the creation of this blog post *


MollyNormal said...

HA HA HA that video is fabulous! You need to add some music because it totally looks like she's doing some kind of dance that involves stomping her feet. I love it! It must be the day for videos - I made one today too.

Sorry to hear about the boys' bad luck for football at the Y. What a bunch of shit! Their mother truly is a piece of work.

Mike said...

Sorry about the boys not being able to sign up. That sucks.

The video of Tiny is hilarious. We put some boots on Carmen once and she acted much the same.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Ohhh Poor Tiny...! She kind of looks like a horse bucking and braying, trying to grt those damn boots off of her little paws....I don't know Chickie...I just may have to call the Humane Society! (lol)

Good old EW....There is always somrthing with her, isn't there? I don't blame the embarassment...How humiliating for the boys! I hope it works out with the Y!

bekah said...

That absolutely blows ass about the EW. Or SCOAEW, (stupid cunt of an ex-wife). I don't know how you don't blow the fuck up at her everytime you see her. What a moron. It burns me up just thinking about what a jack ass she is.

Anyway - I do love the video of Tiny dog. LOVE it. How do you get videos on your blog?

Joey Polanski said...

I dont sppose itll do any good to tell th boys mom that her kids are blacklistd because o HER.

Tell her th boys have to report to Debtors Prison on Mondey, or theyll be huntd down like wild animals.

jedimacfan said...

hahaha that is some funny shit.

Chickie said...

Mollynormal - The camera I used for the video doesn't do sound. I'm not sure about how to add it after the fact.

The uterus is a constant source of ire.

Mike - Hopefully, it will all work out and the boys will get signed up.

Tiny was quite pissed after the boots came off. She tried to bite me whenever my hands got near her feet.

OOLOTH - Yeah! She does look like a little horse doesn't she? I don't think the Humane Society would believe that the fat little dog was abused. They might take away Stinky dog because Tiny's so mean to her though.

BigBrother is still pretty upset over the whole thing. It sucks that he has to deal with the fallout of this mother's actions.

Bekah - www.dropshots.com for the video. Make sure you download the feature to drag and drop videos onto your desktop. It works very quickly.

I'm going to replace her listing on my cell phone with "SCOAEW". Thanks for the idea.

Joey Polanski - She's going to find out about what's happened but I don't expect it to do any good. Who knows, maybe she'll surprise me.

JediMacFan - This is a fine example of what pets are for.

patti_cake said...

I feel so sorry for those kids. I can imagine the embarassment.... stupid twat.
Tiny's boots are adorable. Stinky was coming to her rescue!

bekah said...

Mark thinks that when Stinky dog walks up Tiny's face is, "WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE? HELP ME OUT OF THESE!"

jedimacfan said...

See if you can't get some video of your dogs scraping their asses across the carpet. No matter how many times I see a dog do that, I still laugh.

Amy said...

Those poor boys, that stinks!

That video is hilarious! Maggie was in here watching it yelling, "Go doggie! Go doggie!"

Chickie said...

Patti_Cake - I don't know why, but imaging you saying "stupid twat" just made me laugh out loud!

Unfortunately, Tiny wouldn't adjust to the boots so I returned them.

Bekah - At one point, Stinky walks up and punches Tiny in the chest and she goes toppling over. Wish I'd have caught that on the video.

JediMacFan - The girls are very secretive with their butt scooching. If they see anyone watching they immediately stop. Stinky dog's favorite place to do it - the freaking concrete driveway. Her butt must be made of steel or something.

Amy - I'm really hoping hard that we'll get them signed up anyway. We shall see.

Tiny needs a friend like Maggie. We just all sat their and watched her while we laughed til we cried!

Frustrated Mom said...


You inspired me to post a video of our dogs. It's on my blog.

This is some funny stuff! Too bad she didn't like the boots.

Oh, and the Ex-Wife? Yeah, she blows.