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Check out our back porch!

Old, yucky, painted concrete.

New Floor!
Nice, sparkly, slate tile!

Sweety has been hard at work tiling and it should be all done soon. The ceiling to the porch is made of wooden slats and it's all going to look great together. I may move onto the porch when it's done because I think it'll be the nicest room in the house. This was the tile purchased during the coffee tainting incident.

I've gotta admit that I'm very lucky to have Sweety. He has been quite supportive during the past couple of weeks. He did grouch a bit when I came home early on Friday but picked at me until I talked about why I was feeling so crazy. When I feel bad, I like to tamp it down and ignore it and have a meltdown later but Sweety likes to talk things out. I don't like "talking it out" but I do know that that's the better way to do things. And I did feel better after I spilled my guts to him.

The boys played their very first "real" game of flag football this weekend. And they won! Usually when the boys play sports, they're on a team of low-eared babies and everybody picks their nose while the game is going on but not this time! They stomped the other team into the ground. The boys agreed that victory felt good for a change and it made for a nice car ride home. I hate it when a game is lost and everybody is all grouchy. It makes me want to walk home. Winning is good. I hope the streak continues.

I was so relieved to find out that Sweety's sister is hosting Thanksgiving dinner! Yay for socially retarded me! Now I can just make a couple of side dishes to take and not have a bunch of people looking at the dog hair on my carpet. You know what I wish? I wish I could take my own cooking pans to Boston Market and they'd cook up something in them. But since that's not possible, I guess I'll build my own broccoli cheese casserole or something.

Good God Almighty. Tiny dog is asleep on my leg and just farted. My leg is all warm now and I think I'm going to puke.

The sprogs are out of school this week for Thanksgiving break and it's time to scrounge up some lunch for them.


Amy said...

Geez, Chickie, I'm so sorry you've been having such a rough time. I've been a super crappy blog bud and I'm SO, SO sorry.

BTW, your tile is STUNNNING!!!!!!!

patti_cake said...

The tile is absolutely gorgeous! Glad Sweety has been there for you. He is now forgiven for giving you a hard time about coming home early.
I hate hosting Thanksgiving also. Go Tiny Dog! (it could have been worse - could have been Stinky who is much bigger) hehe....

Ginamonster said...

mmm. broccoli cheeze cassarole

Chickie said...

Amy - It's okay, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Right?

I like the tile so much that I want to roll around on it.

Patti_Cake - Heh, when Stinky does that, it usually scares her and she looks at me like "What the hell just happened to me?"

Ginamonster - Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out okay!

Keshi said...

looks terrific to me :)


Anonymous said...

The tile job looks great.There's nothing better than Thanksgiving dinner at someone elses house. Especially if you get to leave early and don't have to help clean up the mess.

Deb said...

Great tile! Wanna come do my den when you're finished? No? Dang.

Have a good Turkey day. I always volunteer to "make" the cranberry sauce! LOL

r.fuel said...

Tiling sucks, but that looks great.

Chickie said...

Keshi & R.Fuel - Sweety says "Thanks!"

Mike - Oh yeah, I've gotta remember to leave early! I love the annual Thanksgiving Day Nap.

Deb - I consider myself to be quite the cranberry sauce chef.

Jose said...

I was telling my friend BEX to vote for me over at 25peeps.com and she told me you were her friend and that she will vote for me as much as she votes for you, she said she's the one in the shower, lol. So I decided to come and visit. Oh and by the way the tile looks awesome, I want to do something like that in my back yard.

Midwestern City Boy said...

The tile looks WAY better than the painted concrete. Sweety is very handy around the house. Do you help him like California Girl helps me? ;)

Thomas Vickers said...

Glad to have you back up to speed. I know getting down in the dumps is easy and hard to kick. Stay tuned to doomcake for my own version soon.

Make that man finish the tile, then show him how to use it as a reward ;)


Sassy said...

That tile is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Chickie said...

Jose - Thanks for coming by!

MCB - I'm not as good a helper as CG. Too bad for Sweety!

Thomas Vickers - Heh. The reward is a good idea!

Sassy - Thank you!