It Wasn't Me

This weekend a friend and her husband went to a home improvement center to purchase tile. Lots and lots of tile. Slate tile and pretty little sparkly accent tiles, pretty stuff. When they got there the staff and management were very uncooperative and all seemed to have their heads stuck up their asses.

The husband had been to the center earlier that morning and a worker had given him a business card and told him that they'd have a new delivery later. When the husband presented the card to the manager on duty later that day and asked where all the tile was, the manager told him that he must have been there last night and not that morning because the person who gave out the business card didn't work that morning but he did work the night before and there was no new shipment. WTF? Did the manager really think the husband got confused and had really been there the night before and not just 2 hours earlier?

The friend and husband were circling their pallet of tile, waiting (for what seemed like FOREVER) to find someone to check them out. Then my friend saw that some worker (who was no doubt as stupid and as unhelpful as the day is long) had left their cup of coffee out in the open, on top of the counter where you put your stuff to be checked out.

So, she stuck her pointy finger in it (the coffee was still hot!) and swished it around a few times. It made her feel better and she hopes that the coffee belonged to one of the idiots that they had dealt with.

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Or else my friend will come to your house and stick her finger in your coffee.


Debra said...

I would have been tempted to make like I was going to drink it and spit in it instead... but reality says I would be more likely to accidently spill it.

Oops! Why was there a coffee sitting up here?

scorpy said...

Surely you, err, uh, your friend could have found a bug on the floor nearby? That would have been my choice.

Experience tells me it was the big orange store where your friend had this trouble? I once swore they'd never get another penny of my money. Unfortunately, my husband does most of that shopping, and he goes there for the convenience. (Even though Blowe's is just a little further down the road.)

patti_cake said...

Bwaa haaaa that is too funny! I heart your friend!

r.fuel said...

Revenge is a dish best served with a cup of coffee.

Cissy Strutt said...

I hate it when a manager-drone contradicts what a worker-drone has told you - "Oh they shouldn't have said that, that's not right". Was I supposed to ask for a second opinion when I'm calling customer service or being advised in a shop? And how do I know that what I'm now being told is right? grrrr. I tend to lower my gaze and in a low, measured, restrained tone of voice say "I am now very angry" - it works wonders. Three years of acting school wasn't entirely wasted.

Anonymous said...

I hate bad service in stores. I used to go to places like Sears, who is notorious for bad service, just to fuck with their salespeople.

Back then, you used to have to go to package pick up to pick up things like microwaves or tv's. It was a total nightmare.

I used to go to Sears, buy something like a TV and then refuse to go to package pick up to get it. The sales people would either go get it for me, or give me my money back. Either way, I felt like I had won.

The Phosgene Kid said...

And they wonder why consumer confidence is down. I'd've snicker-snagged in the 'tard's coffee.

Chickie said...

Debra - I thought about spitting in it but was afraid someone would see me pick it up.

Scorpy - My friend's finger was very dirty. She'd been fondling lots of tile.

We swore off the orange store awhile back so it was at Blowe's. Since I hate them both now, I'm glad we don't have anymore home projects to do anytime soon.

Patti_Cake - You know you'd have done it too ;)

R.Fuel - Coffee with a snotwad in it. I'll save that story for another post.

Cissy Strutt - I'm going to practice my "I am now very angry." It does seem that that would work. I usually just seethe til my head feels like it's going to pop off and don't say anything while I'm at the store.

Mike - Oh yeah! I remember that pick-your-own-stuff-up shit at Sears. I bought something there once, years ago, and after I realized that I haven't bought anything there since.

The Phosgene Kid - I wished I'd have had some snicker-snag available.