If I had a hatchet, Stinky dog would've gotten it in the left temple last night. You'd think that keeping her fed and letting her live inside the house would be enough, wouldn't you? Noooooooo! Not for greedy-ass Stinky! I tried letting them sleep in our room last night but Tiny dog wouldn't stop it with the incredibly loud toe licking so they were banished to the bathroom. It took less than 15 minutes for Stinky dog to start howling under the effing door to let me know how lonely she felt in there. Whiny bitch, I wish I had the heart to beat her. So they got to come back in our room and I laid there and thought about hatcheting her after I chopped off Tiny dog's toes.

I think I've been grinding my teeth while asleep for the past few nights. My jaw hurts and while I'm awake I have to keep reminding myself to unclench it. Argh.

BigBrother got braces on his bottom teeth today. All that metal in his mouth makes him look older. He must've aged 3 years during the course of the visit. While we were sitting in the waiting room I noticed that the kid is getting some seriously hairy legs. I hadn't really looked at them in awhile and was surprised. I wouldn't have been able to pick them out of a line up.

Good grief. The canines are feeling especially needy today. I must go and pet them so they'll shut up.

I love my dogs. Really. I do.

I'll keep you all posted if anything happens in regards to the post below this one.


Thomas Vickers said...

I never noticed that my two pooches were lickers till my wife started bitching about it.

Now I realize that they both slurp their toes, their asses, the floor, any freaking reason to lick and smack, they do it.

I think it is their way of showing who is dominate. Sometimes I so want to beat the living daylights out of them, but then I start feeling guilty and pet them or something.

bekah said...

Prinny licks her front paws all the time. Mostly she does it before she goes to bed or before she takes a nap, but it's pretty damn annoying at times, and I think about chopping her legs off but then I just realize she'll start licking something else, and at least now she's not licking me.

Chickie said...

Thomas Vickers - When I really want to beat them, I take a rolled up newspaper and go hit the washing machine. It makes me feel better. And if they see me do that they usually get in line and start acting right.

Bekah - I swear, Tiny & Stinky only do the incessant paw licking thing when it's MY bedtime. I've spied on them getting ready to sleep during the day and they don't do it then. They're out to get me.

Thomas Vickers said...

I made the wife laugh once when I totally lost it on the dogs.
Grabbed a Southern Living Magazine, rolled it up, charged the dogs while screaming
"Stop your f'in licking before you force me to go all Southern living on your hairy asses"

It felt good
No dogs were harmed in the process
my wife laughed


Chickie said...

Ha! I bet your dogs have a magazine phobia now.