Some Affirmation, Please.

I'm cleaning out the icebox and I think some sort of evolutionary process has begun on the bottom shelf. Please tell me that I'm not the only person with an icebox that is so filthy you could plant potatoes in it.

Hello? Anyone?


Becky said...

*snort*..you said "icebox!" you're from the SOUTH! (wait...how would I know that...)

Honey, my WHOLE HOUSE looks like an experiment gone wrong.

rock on.

Anonymous said...

Residence Inn is going to have to throw this fridge (Icebox) away when I leave. It is nasty. Even the cleaning lady won't touch it anymore. She keeps pointing to the fridge and saying something in Spanish but I have no freaking idea what she is saying.

holli said...

oh - go check out my "5 things" post.. I think my purse and fridge could bury yours. Literally!!!

The dog costume pics - SO CUTE!!!!

Rich | Championable said...

Actually, the crap that grows in my freezer would EAT the stuff that grows in yours.

Rock on.

Chickie said...

Becky - You KNOW you have an "icebox" too! :)

Mike - I wish I lived in a hotel. It must be nice to have a cleaning lady.

Holli - Your fridge resembled mine greatly. It's funny how things hide in there.

Rich Championable - Oh man, I'm not even gonna tell you how bad our freezer is.

Debra said...

hee hee I have no idea what to say.

My Dad calls it an icebox too though. Took me years to realize icebox meant fridge and freezer meant freezer. hehe

Tommy said...

LOL. I got your back sister. My fridge has it's own biological hazard label endorsed by the nuclear regulatory commission. I think it ate my cat the other day. Saw your Anita Blake comment on QoN's website and had to stop by to say Hi! Have you read the Merry Gentry Series by LKH? You talk about HOT! Holy Hell ... just check them out.

Chickie said...

Debra - It confuses the boys when I say icebox too. They're learning though.

Tommy - I've read the Merry Gentry series too! As soon as I discovered LKH I found all of her stuff :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

Do you call the burner's on the stove eyes too? Seriously, I knew exactly what you meant when you said icebox and didn't think anything of it until I read the comments and I'm from Ohio.

Chickie said...

MCB - I've never called stove burners eyes. I do call the side mirrors on cars "ears" though.