Quack Quack

Man, I feel crummy. If there was a duck here, I'd kick it. Nothing more humorous than seeing a duck waddle around with a hurt ass.

The weather's been changing here and my sinuses have staged a protest. The protest includes lots of coughing at night, coughing sporadically throughout the day, snot (lots of snot) and an overall shitty mood. I'm a real peach to be around right now.

The whole Halloween trick or treating thing went well. The plan was to go to this carnival in town where a bunch of businesses were giving out candy outside and then I was going to get dressed up and walk the neighborhood with them. By the time we left the carnival and hit a good neighborhood on the way home, the boys didn't want to go around our neighborhood. Which is a good thing for me because the costume I was going to wear was an alien costume with a latex head and it would've been hot as hell in there.

That's BigBrother in the white shirt and LittleBrother.

No treats for you!

Small children cried when they saw BB's mask. Tiny dog is terrified of it too.

And here they are with their spoils.


My favorite part of having kids it taking some of their Halloween candy as tax.

Just so everyone knows - I'm totally burnt out on the songs White and Nerdy by Weird Al and Chain Hang Low by Jibbs. These are the boys' current favorite songs and I've probably heard them eleventy billion times in the past two weeks. Shoot me now.

My current favorite song? Weasel Stomping Day by Weird Al. It gets me good and pumped up on the way to work.


Amy said...

I am SO bummed, I was really looking forward to Chickie in a costume pics.


I'm really, really bummed.

bekah said...

I never knew weasels liked mayonaise so much...

bekah said...

Oh & BTW, I loved the video of BB & LB you sent me. I showed it to Mark and he enjoyed it, too.

patti_cake said...

Awww looks like they got lots of loot! Scary scary scary .... :)

r.fuel said...


Chickie said...

Amy - I'm sorry to disappoint. For what it's worth, the alien costume photo that I linked to is actually me and I'd have been wearing the same thing this year. Next year, I'm going as a beekeeper or a big bee and I'm taking Tiny & Stinky with me.

Bekah - I thought the mayonnaise was to be slippery so they couldn't run away?

Yeah, LB was really trying hard to kill his brother.

Patti_Cake - Loot is my motivation behind toting the little gremlins around!

R.Fuel - I hid the masks so I won't accidentally run into them.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Even though you wore it last year, you still make a great alien. Halloween was so cold around here that the people in latex masks weer the only ones who were warm.

Chickie said...

MCB - The inside of the boys' masks were so sweaty that we had to peel them off!