Be Careful What You Wish For

A man was fishing and he caught a crocodile. The crocodile told him, "Please let me go. I'll grant you any wish you desire." The man said, "Okay, I wish my balls could touch the ground."

So the crocodile bit his legs off.


Joey Polanski said...

Kinda makes ya wondr why th croc felt he hadta bargain fer his freedom, donit?

Ida jus said, "Lemme go an I wont bite yer friggin legs offski."

Thomas Vickers said...

F'in Crocs.
Never trust them.

You can eat them and make them into handbags, but never trust them.

Then again, who would want their balls to touch the ground?
What if you smashed them against a big rock?


patti_cake said...

I was wondering the same thing.. who would want their balls to touch the ground! Bwaa haaaa too funny :)

Scott English said...

Ah, those damn crocodile tears get ya everytime - take pity on a poor wimpering crocodile and he turns around and bites you in the arse (on in this case the legs).

Bloody typical. Bastards.

I also found this joke kinda coincidental because of this story in the news out of Florida

Anonymous said...

That's what the guy gets for being an idiot. Who the hell would want their balls dragging on the ground anyway? That would have to hurt after a while.

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - I don't think the croc was really bargaining. He was just having fun fucking with the guy before he bit his legs off.

Thomas Vickers - Eat them? Yech, too greasy.

Patti_Cake & Mike - I thought the guy got what he deserved.

Scott English - I heard about that guy being attacked. That's what you get for falling asleep at the crack pipe by the river.