Busy Times

We went to Sea World and Busch Gardens this weekend and had a large time. We bought annual passes for 2 years to the places but told the boys that they were only for 1 year and were Christmas presents. Guess what we'll tell them that they're getting for Christmas presents NEXT year too?

Sea World is in Orlando and we went there on Saturday (After a kick ass football game where they boys' team stomped the other team. I think we had 7 touchdowns and they had one.) and stayed for a few hours. I love Sea World! It wasn't crowded and I got to pet stingrays - what more could I possibly ask for?

Then we spent the night in Tampa and went to Busch Gardens the next day. BigBrother and I rode SheiKra twice while Sweety and LittleBrother watched. They are wimps and wouldn't ride it. It was quite a ride! You're taken straight up in the air for 200 feet and then dropped pretty much straight down. I screamed like the bitch that I am but it was fun.

BB has 2 school projects that are due this week and I'm coming home early today to help him with them. Sweety is going away for a few days later this month and I was scheduled to be off early on the day that he returns so I could see him but he said he'd rather have me here today to hold BB's feet to the fire and get the projects done properly. Have I mentioned how much I hate school projects? Well, I do. But I've turned into the school project supervisor due to my extreme pickyness for getting things done right.

We still don't have a Christmas tree. Gonna try and make time to get one today. Anybody else out there without a tree up yet or are we the last slackers to put one up? I think we should leave ours up for a couple of weeks after Christmas since it's going to be up for such a short period of time.

Agh. Time to go to the salt mines.


Thomas Vickers said...

My tree went up on Friday
Weeks late according to the missus schedule of Christmas rightness


bekah said...

One thing I really miss about Florida is being so close to amusement parks. SeaWorld was ALWAYS my favorite. I loved feeding the stingrays (even though now they might KILL YOU!), and once I even fed a dolphin (and got to pet them and they took my picture!) And I love the Kraken coaster at SeaWorld - it's seriously one of the most fun coasters I've ever been on and the line is never more than a fifteen minute wait. It's awesome. OMG And the water ride! I love that, too!

Holy crap, I sound like a ten year old.

Anonymous said...

We don't have ours yet, either.

Joey Polanski said...

Where Im at, its still too dangd warm t be thinkin bout deckoratin fer Chrismas. I aint down souff, an temps are still up in th 50s.


Midwestern City Boy said...

This year, we put our tree up the first weekend in December. No matter what day we put it up we leave it up until January. We usually don't put present under it until just before Christmas.

Chickie said...

Thomas Vickers - Weeks late? Damn, I'm really behind on the schedule of Christmas rightness.

Bekah - I covered my chest while petting the stingrays.

R. Fuel - Good. Now I don't feel like such a slacker.

Joey Polanski - It's hard for me to get in the Christmas mood when I see stinking palm trees everywhere.

MCB - I think the reason I feel we need to hurry and get the tree up is that we've already received some gifts and they look out of place on the kitchen table.