Hotbed Of Infection & Irritation

BigBrother has been sick (and out of school) for the past two days. I guess we're passing this flu-like stuff around. Even the dogs seem slow. LittleBrother had it last week but didn't miss any school. It seems to have hit BB a bit harder.

Last Wednesday we told LB if he didn't go to school on Friday (the only day of the week that his mother has to deliver him to school) that he wouldn't get to play in the football game on Saturday. Yesterday, the ExWife calls Sweety to tell him that BB is sick and she says that she doesn't appreciate him threatening her son and what makes Sweety think that LB wouldn't go to school when he's at her house? What.The.Fuck. I dunno, maybe it's your past track record of NOT taking him to school because he whined his way out of it? Looky here, you fucktard - it wasn't presented as a threat, we just let him know what would happen if he didn't go to school. Have I mentioned that I'd like to scrub the EW's face right off?

I told Sweety that he should've told her that he didn't appreciate her introducing his sons to every guy that she happens to fuck. I really like that she'll meet someone and have them stay over at her house when the boys are there. If she was serious with someone I could understand it but that doesn't seem to be the case. I just think she should get laid every other weekend or on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday when the boys aren't there. Maybe she could use the time when they are there to visit with them?

I just had to make copies of Sweety's divorce decree so she can pick it up. He keeps getting letters from the state wanting to know what kind of support he provides for the boys because she's getting state help for her other two kids. The last time, we sent them a copy of the decree and I highlighted the parts where it said that he had custody and that she should be paying child support. I asked Sweety if he wanted me to highlight her copy in the same manner but he declined my kind offer.

I'm gonna go think happy thoughts now. Rainbows and kittens and chirping birds.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty much convinced that people that work for the state on divorce and children services issues must be slightly retarded before they get the job. Of course I could be wrong because there is an equal chance that they have to be fully retarded to get the job.

Chickie said...

I'll place my bet on them needing to be fully done. Sweety's already been to the office twice in recent years showing this paperwork. Idiots.

Midwestern City Boy said...

There are stupid people everywhere.
They walk around like everyone else.
They don't even know hat they're dumb.

Some people just can't read (or think for themselves), but I guess otherwise they are OK.

bekah said...

You should've highlighted her copy ANYWAY. Dumb ho.

Thomas Vickers said...

Why do I picture elmer fudd running around screaming "Kill the BEOTCH, KILL THE BEOTCH" in some sort of deranged opera singer elmer voice?

Ex's are evil.
Pure and simple.

Mine is so freaking bad her own mother told me that she was crazy and needed help. Hard when your ex in laws like you better than their own offspring.

Chickie said...

Midwestern City Boy - Those people make me crazy.

Bekah - Eh, I didn't want to start a war. I'm getting soft in my old age.

Thomas Vickers - Thank you for the fun mental picture. I've always liked Elmer Fudd.

Anonymous said...

even every other weekend and three days a week would be more often than some people I know...She SHOULD be using her time with them for them, not boyfriends!

Chickie said...

Ginamonster - She makes me want to puke.