Time Killers


That's Sweety wearing bunny ears. He forbade me from posting the photo so I made a mosaic from it here. You can click on it to get a larger view of the photo.

Here is an interesting mind reading site. I did the trick a half dozen times and it got my answer right every time! It must be the work of the devil.

Thanks to Anaglyph & Pusher Robot for culling these goodies from the internet!


Chickie said...

Oh rats. I just did a google search to find out how the mind reading site works. It's not the work of the devil. It's just math. Maybe math is the work of devil?

Joey Polanski said...

Math ... th werk o th Devil?

Thatd explain th sonofabitch I had fer high sckool algebra.

Anonymous said...

Math is certainly the work of the devil. There is no doubt about it. I took the test and was amazed until I stopped picking numbers and clicked on the little magic ball anyway. It still showed me a symbol even though I hadn't picked any numbers. Stupid test.

bekah said...

I feel like I deserve some kind of award. I just sat here figuring out how the site works without Googling. Fuck yeah, go me.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

i think those ears might be the work of the devil... or at what i think that picture really looks like. :)

Chickie said...

Joey Polanski - Ick, you made me think of algebra.

Mike - I was just totally AMAZED until I found out how it worked. Damn, I feel like I did when I found out the truth about Santa.

Bekah - Well, aren't you a Miss Smartypants? ;)

Bonanza Jellybean - Sweety would agree that the ears are the work of the devil. I keep my hair fluffed over my horns.