I Give Up

I have reached the end of my rope. It has been mentioned to me (rather meanly) that I need to start minding my own business instead of other people's. And that is right.

In order for me to continue my existence here in sunny Florida, there are a few things that I'm going to have to not concern myself with anymore or else I'm going to go crazy. At the top of that list is what goes on with the boys when they're at their mother's house. They're not my kids so I'm going to quit worrying about them. They have their dumbass mother and Sweety to do the worrying. Well, they have their dumbass mother to do stupid fucking things and Sweety to fret silently over them. If that's good enough for them, then it's good enough for me!

Really, why should I give a sailing shit if she is cheating the government and toting around so many kids in her car that there aren't enough seat belts for everyone? I've already advised the boys that they are to each fight for their own seatbelt when they climb into her death-sled. Not gonna be a kid that I know that bites the dust in the event of something terrible.

What I really mean when I say "things that I'm not going to concern myself with" is that I'm going to ignore shit until I can't take it anymore then I'm going to run into the ocean, screaming, while pulling my hair out in big clumps.


Joey Polanski said...

I think yer right -- no, not about runnin inta th ocean n stuff.

I think yer right that givin a shit is reasonable only when givin a shit can do some good. In this case, therer too many buffrs btween yer givin a shit an any good that might come of it.

Ya might wanna keep voicin yer opinion tho -- if only fer "I told ya so" purposes latr on. Build a rep fer bein right alla time.


Anonymous said...

I wish there were something you could do. In my family, a step parent is a parent too with a valid opinion of how things should be done.But I guess not all families think that way.

Midwestern City Boy said...

There is a reason that she and Sweety are divorced. But her behavior really is just his problem. It's good that you care about the boys, but, sometimes, the best thing is just to let events take their natural course. Life is generally self correcting.

Anonymous said...

I think Joey hit the nail on the head. You need to keep voicing your opinion, but if people don't want to listen, well then fuck 'em.

Hopefully you will at least get through to the boys and they will learn to look out for themselves when they are with the crazy woman.

Remember, it is always better to drive someone else crazy than it is to drive yourself crazy.

Cissy Strutt said...

Good for you Chickie - shut her out. She's not just affecting the kids & Sweetie - she is sucking reams of your beautiful creative energy into her gaping maw.

patti_cake said...

Hey Chickie at least you have the decency to be concerned about them. WTF about the death sled???

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Good For You, Chickie...That woman has been kind of driving you crazy for a long time with her nuttyness...(Is that too harsh of me??)
Well, if worrying cannot change it, what's the point? I hope you are able to 'let go, let God', my dear....otherwise do post a picture of your bald head running through the ocean!

Chickie said...

Hey Everybody - Thanks for your comments. I'm not replying individually because if I think too much about all this shit, it pisses me off.